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Default Re: Bar gnawing, handling and toilet training difficulties

Handling her will take sometime. You never know what could have happened with her previous owners. But at the same time she will come around. try starting with the two handed pick up and when doing this use a treat to reward her. She should start associating being picked up as something good. And once she feels better about being picked up, start doing the one handed pick up. Treat her everytime she is picked up until she is completely comfortable then try and cut down until she doesn't need them to be picked up.

Bar chewing is something I have experienced so much with my two. The noise at 2 in the morning is sometimes hard to take. No matter how many toys she has, she will always chew the bars occasionally. It seems to be something some hamsters do.

But as for potty training, I have no idea about that. I wouldn't dream about trying to potty train my two.
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