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Exclamation Blood in fur-unknown cause

I just noticed fresh blood in Astrid's fur. She's a robo, she lives alone and has no sharp objects in her cage. Also, her nails were just trimmed several days ago, they are still short and are smooth, not scratchy.

She was resting with my while I worked on a paper and she started to wake up and get active. I picked her up and let her scurry about over my fingers to have a good look at her (I try to check my hamsters from nose to tail, back and belly side every day).

The blood is in the space between her upper limb and chin, on her belly side. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I couldn't get a picture. I tried to look more closely at the spot and she bit me twice, pretty hard.

Astrid is NOT a biter. This makes me suspect she is in pain and acting defensively to protect herself.

I had Matt carefully hold her while I pushed the fur aside with a cotton-tipped ear swab and I can not find any scratch or open sore! I am very concerned by this blood and her behavior. She's sleeping now and I plan to check her again when she wakes up to see if there is more blood or any signs of injury or infection.

I can not figure out what's wrong with her or where the blood is coming from! Please, if you have any advice or thoughts about this, share them with me!
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