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Default The Cage Review Section - please read before posting

We have decided to make a separate section just for cage reviews. We feel this will be an excellent source of information for people looking for either a new cage or a first cage and allow them to make an informed choice and also hopefully help them avoid some of the pitfalls we may already have experienced with cages. If you have a hamster cage that has not been reviewed here we would like to invite you to write a review and post it here. Please include as many illustrative photos as you wish and try and state, costs, size, build quality, availability, accessories, suitability for dwarf or syrians, pros and cons and any comments or adaptations you have made to the cage.
If you have a cage that has already been reviewed and you have additional comments, questions or photographs please post them under the appropriate cage topic.
I would be grateful if we could keep the review threads tidy and avoid personal messages etc so that when people read these they only read relevant information.
We look forward to receiving your reviews and remember we want the good AND the bad!

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