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Default I think Tonights the Night...

I think Tonights going to have to be the Night to seperate. Salt and Pepper
I came into my Room to hear a constand squeaking like a cry for help! So i ran to the Cage and discovered Salts cut near her eye had worsened and they were sniffing each other furiousely..:/ Iknow the pictures arent great i tried my best.. sorry guys but i didnt want to cause any more stress.
The Black dot is the doesnt seem to come up very clearly..:/..

Then theres her Sister.. who i think has caused this.

Then here you can just make out the gashh... its red.

But usually. Salt^ The blonde hamster pictures(the one with the Cut) seems to be the more dominant one.. But there is no other reason for there to be a gash there. there is nothing that could enflict that damage to her in her cage let alone worsen it. Except Pepper. So any advice would be greatfully appreciated and i have spare cages and supplies Standing by..Thanks Guys! xxx
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