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Default Dwarf Hamster seperation?

Hey Guys,
I have 2 Female Dwarf Hamsters...I am leaning towards them being Winterwhites. Im not too sure at the Moment. I have had them for a while. I would say half a Year nearly a year..And This Morning to my suprise i found a cut next to Salt's(The more domanant Female's) eye..And i was thinking maybe they had a scrap? Because there isnt really anything in there cage to inflict this Damage...They have alot of Carboard and a few wooden and plastic toys..thats it.I am really starting to wonder wether i should seperate them?I have two identicle cages i could use and i could keep them next to each other and put them together during there playpen time.(they have been together since brith they are out of the same lietter and raised together.) I also regularly here squeeking..But i put that down to them being a Asleep because it only occurs during the day? Any help would be much appreciated Cheers Guys xxxx
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