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Ok, i feel stoopid.

Yes I imagine its fine just using your first name. It makes sense for a forum to highlight this issue for its members’ security and the original post does state ultimately the info you give about yourself is your own decision.

It’s also about us having a responsibility to each other though and I hadn’t thought about this when I was using people’s first names (even though they had given them, themselves).

It might be worth mentioning (although please don't let me make anyone paranoid) even small bits of info can be collated to form a bigger picture of an individual. So much of our lives is documented and stored, I find myself reluctant to actively give more than required. And while none of us are likely to regret our discussions about hamsters , it does get stored for a looong time. There are aspects of my life that I regret being in peoples’ memories let alone stored in 0s and 1s! so, as you say internet nobody, it pays to be a bit cautious.

I agree, as well, this forum works in part because of a sense of familiarity between its users. I guess we just have to find our own way on this and think savvy, as opposed to binning our laptops, never going online again and hiding in a nook!! For me it helps to be reminded even though, you’re right, I am responding to a post made over 2 years ago!! Ha ha!

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