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Originally Posted by Elms View Post
Yes, of course, will only refer to user names from now on. I haven't used the forum for long so I don't know users' real names but where I've seen them on a post I've tended to refer to them. It feels friendlier to do this but, as you say, it's easy to forget the forum isn't a closed space. Happy to be reminded.
This is an old post, not a recent reminder

IMO no harm can come from giving out your first name. OK, once you start to include last name, pictures of yourself, where you live (beyond just the city) then potentially you are traceable, and people should definitely think twice before doing so (and, if under 16, ask a parent/guardian!). If anyone knows my full name, and if they know where to look online then they can easily end up on my doorstep, or find me at work, or know where I am on certain weekends, thankfully it's never happened (and this isn't an open invite to stalk me ). So you do need to be careful...but I think a forum where you can only use usernames is kinda impersonal, and it definitely doesn't help with building a community, but no one should feel pressured into giving out info they don't want to!
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