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Default Posting threads some members may not wish to read

It has become apparant that some members may not wish to read threads on certain topics.
Threads on subjects such as animal cruelty, mistreatment of hamsters and other animals and severe illness with graphic details may distress and upset some members.
So that everyone can have a choice about whether they wish to read a topic once posted, if you feel that your topic falls into any of these catagories or is, in any other way, something you feel people may not wish to read then you should place the word *WARNING* in capital letters before your title.
If one of the mod team feels a topic should have a warning they will add it.
Please be sensible about use of this warning as overuse will simply add a 'cry wolf ' aspect to the forum.
We would only expect to see this warning signal posted very occasionally.
Remember this forum prides itself on being friendly and people having freedom to post as they choose and to express their opinions.
Should you choose to read a topic with a warning notice that is entirely your choice and you cannot make any further comment on the thread regarding it's suitablity for the forum.
If you feel a topic should have a warning notice then please report the post and do not comment. It will be attended to by the moderation team.
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