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Default Clarification About Hamster Chatter

The sensible part of me tells me that Suzie is a content hammy, but could I run something by you as I am not a hamster expert.

Reading various posts, book and google reasearch, reveals that an annoyed and grumpy hammy will click/chatter their teeth... and sure enough,in the early days, Suzie did this and then took a bite. However, she has not bitten for months now. She is incredibly tame and happy to be handled, but makes a gentle chattering/clicking sound eg. tut tut noise when you suck your tongue between your teeth. It is a soft sound, not loud. She does it with me and my kids, but seems very content with no aggressive or frightened behaviour.

So is this content hamster behaviour. Some google sites say yes... some say no. Relatives who last saw her when she was younger were amazed at how tame she had become.
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