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How do Hamster Articles work?

The information on Hamster Central consists of experience and research by the administrators, moderators, and users of the website. Anyone can submit an article to Hamster Central. As you can see we use a Wiki and it's arranged so that only certain people are allowed to register that the administrator makes accounts for.

If you wish to submit an article there are a few options.

1) An administrator or moderator can review the article, and if accepted, will post it up on the wiki, and give the author full credits at the bottom of the article.

2)If the Administrator and moderators agree, a person may been given their own account on the wiki to add content on their own. But this access would go only to people we felt were committed to the site and educating people properly about hamster care and also had extensive experience and knowledge to share.

Submissions first go to appointed moderators to be reviewed. We strive to give everyone a chance to publish their material on the website, so if the article does not meet a level of quality, the user will be asked to revise it.

We want to ensure that all of the information on Hamster Central is accurate and that all of the articles on the site are complete, well-written, and easy to read. Please make sure that you check the spelling and grammar before submitting your article, and keep in mind that an administrator may modify the layout of the article as necessary. We also have the right to reject or delete an article at any time without notice. However it is likely in this situation you will be notified of any concerns or issues. We don't want to be meanies!

If your article is accepted or rejected you will receive a notice via private message in your inbox. All approved articles give their authors recognition! Your user name will show up in the articles.

Contact an administrator or send your articles to any of the moderators listed below on the Hamster Central Forum.

  • Administrator


  • Moderators



Spud's Mum


If I join the mailing list, will you share my e-mail with any third parties?

No way! Smoo, the Hamster Central developer, is a highly concerned with privacy and anonymity. E-mail addresses are kept in a secure database and mailings are sent out directly from the website.

Please join the mailing list, so that we can inform you of new updates and fun things going on at Hamster Central!

What about terms of usage and copyright information?

Glad you asked! You can find that information at the bottom of every page on the website by clicking the links provided. It's very important that you know the rules and your own responsibilities on the website. When you joined this site you were asked to agree to the terms. The act of registering binds you to these terms, so be aware of them.

Who do I contact if I have dispute or problem with a Hamster Central user?

If you're having a dispute with a member of Hamster Central, please try and rectify the situation yourself. Having an open mind and level of patience may get the problem resolved without having to get an administrator involved.

However, if you feel the situation is beyond this you should immediately contact a moderator or administrator about the situation in full detail.

If the problem is related to bugs within the website, please post them on the forum in "Announcements and Bug Corner!" and the HC developer, will work on fixing the problem.

My hamster is sick. Can you please help me?

In this situation we ask that you post your questions immediately on the Hamster Central forum! There you will be received by moderators and other experienced hamster owners who can give you some insight and advice about the situation. However, you should try and set up a vet appointment right away if the problem is dire. If you are reading this in advance then please take note that its important to always have a veterinarian that you know treats small animals. Be aware of the emergency veterinarian offices in your area.

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