Valentine’s Day

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“Wow! It’s nearly Valentine’s Day!” exclaimed Spice. “I wonder who I’ll get a Valentine’s card from! Maybe you, Sugar?” “Well you never know,” replied Sugar.

It was the day before Valentine’s Day in Hammy Land and everyone was soooo excited about it! No-one knew who was going to get a card…and maybe even a present.

Bubble and Squeak were also happy because the boys could give them the wonderful cards and prezzies that they normally would do. It was truly going to be a wonderful day.

“So Squeaky, who do you think is going to give you stuff? I think I’m going to send a card to Spice,” Bubble asked Squeak. “Oooh...I think I’ll get something for Sugar but I’ll give a friendly card to Spice anyway!”

The next day, Bubble and Squeak’s cage bell rang. “I’ll get it!” shouted Squeak, grabbing a brush and grooming herself as she scuttered to the door. She opened the door and there they were. It was Sugar, Spice, Nibbles and Nibbly.

“Wow! Nibbles! Nibbly! I didn’t know you were coming!” said Bubble as she plodded down the tunnel.

There were soooo many presents in the main room of the cage. The hammies didn’t know which ones to open first. Bubble opened hers first. She got a bundle of sunflower seeds and a card from Spice, an uncracked peanut and a box of hammy chocolate’s from Sugar, a scone and a card from Nibbles and a stalk of broccoli and a card from Nibbly. She also received a card from Squeak.

Squeak got the same as Bubble. Sugar and Spice gave each other a card and got cards from all the other hammies including a special sunflower seed from each of the girls. Nibbles and Nibbly got cards from everyone and two stalks of broccoli each from the girls and a marble from the boys.

All in all, the hammies agreed that it was the best Valentine’s Day EVER!

Written by forum member spice_is_cute

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