Trick or Treat Hamster

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by forum member Souffle

It was Halloween Night
And my stomach was churning
The clock slowly ticking
To midnight it's hands turning

The creatures were gathered
Their hearts wildly beating
To wait for the Master,
To bestow them his greeting

His fur was dishevelled,
His red eyes aglow
Like fiery coals
From Hell down below

His white fangs were dripping
With glutinous goo
A mysterious creature
From Zombie King zoo

Then slowly and creakily
Into the night
Crept cute little Snowball
Our flesh eared white

The kids were all shrieking
"He's coming out, right?"
"He looks like a monster"
"He gave us fright!"

His porridge was ready
His pink tongue dipped in
Our trick or treat hamster
Had committed no sin!

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