A Collection of Valentine's Poems

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By various Hamster Central forum members

Hamster Valentine

My little hammy valentine
you really are so fine
I know that you will be mine
come rain or shine

I love my hamster
he's my best friend
no matter how long I am away at school
when I come at night
he knows he can always depend on me
for a cuddle or a tickle

or maybe it's my yogurt drops???

by forum member Babyboos

Hamster Valentine

I love my Hamster Sonni
She looks quite like a bear
I've seen her looking funny
But I've never seen her bare


by forum member BigD

Lover Boy Valentine

I love my little hamster, he is so cool,
I hate to leave him when I go to school.
Hammy is golden and bright like the sun,
Together we have lots and lots of fun.
His eyes are bright and his face is cheeky,
When I'm with him I never feel weepy.
He sleeps in the day and wakes up at night,
And then we play and we never fight.
Hammy is a joy and a pleasure,
He is the one I will always treasure.
Hammy you are my Lover Boy Valentine,
I know that you will always be mine.


by Aidan Bayles, forum member Jill Bayles

Hamster Valentine

Her gentle squeak is my favourite sound,
Her beady eyes look up at me, so round,
The way she lines up for her food,
though sometimes she can be quite rude.

When I go to school each day,
she looks up at me with sad eyes whilst I’m on my way,
as she knows I won’t be back till four,
but I do wonder what she does when I shut the door.

Lila and I have a friendship so pure,
And she knows what I’ll ask her for,
Be my hammy valentine,
Because I want you to be mine!


by forum member Lilaham

Hamster Valentine

My sweetest Nelson,
You captured my heart,
My sweetest Nelson,
We could never be apart,

My sweetest Nelson,
Shimmering coat,
My sweetest Nelson,
I write you this note,

My sweetest Nelson,
Too good to be true,
My sweetest Nelson,
I love you!

Written for Nelson, my hammy


by forum member Pophammy

Hamster Valentine

I love my little hamster
Let me count the ways
He brightens up the darkest night
And grey and rainy days

His fur is soft as golden silk
His eyes as black as coal
HIs teddy ears and friendly smile
Touch my very soul

So thank you sweet and tiny friend
You always will be mine
In my heart forever held
My hamster Valentine


by forum member Souffle

Hamster Valentine

A tiny place within our hearts
Belongs to someone special
She makes us laugh and sometimes cry
but makes us better people

Our tiny ball of fur and love
Will always be held close
Her whisker kiss and twitching nose
Makes our Conker special

To our Conker with loads of love from her humans

by forum member Suga

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