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Default Hamster sleeping in tube

I've had Norman for a couple months now, he has always been an extremely nervous boy, but recently started sleeping in his tube. He has blocked off both ends with food and bedding as well as going potty in there. When I have seen him out of the tube he is extremely jumpy, almost like he is now afraid of the base of his cage. I've got three different bed options for him in there but he doesn't seem interested any more.

Do you think I should remove the tube to force him back into one of the beds?

I don't wanna stress him out any more than he seems but it can't be good for him in that little space. It's also making it hard for me to get him out for social time.
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Default Re: Hamster sleeping in tube

Yeah the tubes do make them feel safe but it's not the greatest place for a nest :/ if you take them out he might be a bit stressy for a while but I think it might be good in the long term to get him comfy in his whole cage.

What kind of cover does he have? Some can feel very exposed. Try lots of bedding as much as you can fit in, as many hidey shady spots as you can fit in there and maybe some large shelves or a hammock? Or I set just random cardboard boxes on top of my wee man's cage for a bit of shade if the lights on.
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