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Default Sleepy/Lethargic Syrian Hamster


I'm looking for some advice on my new hamster. We got Peanut about two months ago, in October. She was super friendly and energetic! She was happy to have us hold her after a couple days, which I was not expecting at all! She would hear our voices and come right to the side of the cage. She seemed excited to run around in her ball and would whip around the house and we'd have to make sure she had a break to get drinks. So she was super energetic!

Then one night I noticed she had not come out of her nest at all. I look in at her and she's not responsive at all, and I have a little freak out when she's laying there all floppy. I frantically look up online what could be wrong and discover it is possible for syrians to go into hibernation. Our house was set to 68, I didn't realize that would be too cold for her. I upped it a degree but I'm thinking of maybe raising it again.

I watched some videos and read some forums and ended up wrapping her up and placing her on the heating pad we have. I tried to get her to drink some water too through a straw since I wasn't sure if she was dehydrated. Finally, she woke up and gained mobility back in her legs and use of her muscles.

Ever since then she's been very unenergetic, and it's gotten worse. Now she basically sleeps 24/7 and won't leave her nest even to pee. She's always pooped in there. Now she just pees in a corner of it, and I think she's peeing while she sleeps too because it's on her butt, and it's stained now. It seems dried on there. I've tried wiping her with a warm damp cloth to help clean her because she just reeks of pee. Her poops are solid. We try to at least get her in her ball if she comes out of her nest, and that seems to perk her up for a little while.

If I'm home I'll run the heating pad under her cage to up the temperature, but I'm at a loss for what else to do. Any advice?
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Default Re: Sleepy/Lethargic Syrian Hamster

It certainly sounds like she is trying to hibernate, the cage is not anywhere near a draught or a window at all is it?
We keep our home at 18C during the day and 20C in the evening then it goes back down to 18C again Ghost is happy though he sleeps all day anyway, but he is always up when I get home from work at about 4 AM..
Try upping the heat in your home, and a heat pad under her cage would be beneficial, if there is no difference your hammy may be ill and need a visit to the vet above all keep her hydrated, chunks of cucumber are good as is sweetcorn kernels as they have a high water content plus natural sugars , carbs, etc.
Good luck, and hope things sort themselves out soon.
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Default Re: Sleepy/Lethargic Syrian Hamster

I am so sorry to hear that your little ham is not as she normally does. As Rads said, I would definitely try to raise the temperature in the room and keep offering her cucumber, etc. to keep her hydrated. If she doesn't show improvement very soon, I would definitely have her see the vet. I will be hoping that she recovers completely and quickly. Good luck, and please keep us updated if you have a chance.

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