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Old 05-26-2017, 08:42 AM   #391
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Default Re: All About My Pumpkin

Thank you cypher, AprilPearl, BorisPasha and Thin Lizzy.

Cuddles, Cuddles and More Cuddles

Pumpkin has been her really cuddly self lately that I haven't been able to get any photos of her as she would rather be in my hands than have her photo taken, but I don't mind as I can never have too many Pumpkin cuddles. She even returned to an old routine we had of waiting for a cuddle at 11:40pm - we have a long cuddle before I go to bed.

As I don't have any new photos of Pumpkin I thought I would share a photo of my Pumpkin new playbin layout with her new wheel and my latest hamster haul.

After I managed to finish painting Pumpkin wooden wheel with plastikote and once it was fully dried I added her wheel to her playbin, I thought I could fit it in with minimal changes but it didn't quite fit as well as I had wanted where I initially planned. So had to change her layout a little more than expected. The fitch is deep at the front of her box and slope down at the back to her wheel so it can fit in - she still has enough fitch to dig in.

The first evening the wheel was in her playbin she couldn't get enough of her new wheel, she was enjoying herself so much running in her wheel that she didn't want to come out for cuddles. Even when I asked her if she wanted a cuddle - she looked at me and then looked at her wheel - a decided the wheel over me!. But now Pumpkin is back to wanting cuddles when she not using her wheel, digging, grooming, eating or napping.

Pumpkin has been enjoying some homegrown carrots this week (freshly picked from my dad's allotment), I gave Pumpkin a small baby carrot on Wednesday during her cuddle time. Pumpkin was so excited with getting some homegrown carrot again that she couldn't wait for me to remove the tops. It was very funny and cute watching Pumpkin trying to carry it. After she let me remove the top she took it into her hideaway in her playbin, where she enjoyed herself eating it.

And also I've been hamster shopping this week - I went to another local garden centre that I hadn't been to before but have to been to their other store which is also local - this garden centre has a big pet section inside so thought I would have a look and see what they had. They had a great small pet section with lots of different products that I haven't seen in any of my other local pet store - however their hamster cages where tiny albeit one had a sign attached saying only suitable for dwarf hamsters only but it wouldn't been even suitable as a travel cage)
Well I had a good browse through the items they had - I decided I was only going to get a couple of items as I had already bought quite a bit already for Pumpkin this month - and had promised myself no more hamster shopping this month - well that didn't last long! As I couldn't resist some of the new Rosewood Boredom Breaker products, so got a few more (a lot more) items than I had planned to get. I'm getting quite the collection of hamster bowls now - I don't know why I need so many but you can never have too many right?.

Here is a photo of my haul from zooplus (wheel not pictured), The Range, Wilko and also my local pet shop haul from this week.

The item in the bottom left - Is going to be returned after having queries regarding the material it made from - see this thread (Is This Chew Toy Safe?) for reason why.

Pumpkin doesn't seem bothered by this warmer weather - she is still sleeping in her house although she not blocking off the entrance. I did remember I had my guinea-pigs old cooling tile (it was too big to use in my previous cages) so she has this in her cage to sit on if she want to.
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Old 05-26-2017, 11:12 AM   #392
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Default Re: All About My Pumpkin

Lovely news about Pumpkin, she is such a gorgeous girl. Amongst your haul I can spot 2 Rosewood nibble pots. Those have been great favourites here. The dried treats in the middle tend to disappear into the nest and then serious knawing on the outside pot!
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Old 05-26-2017, 09:59 PM   #393
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Default Re: All About My Pumpkin

The play bin looks great SKB, loads of fun for Pumpkin
Cuddle times sounds really lovely bless her!
Nice haul too
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Old 05-26-2017, 11:35 PM   #394
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Default Re: All About My Pumpkin

Glad to hear that Pumpkin has been enjoying lots of cuddles as well as her new wheel. Her play bin does look awesome. Is the local garden centre you went to called Squires? I have one near me, and they often have lots of hamster treats and toys I have not seen elsewhere, though the cages are all very small.

Looks like Pumpkin is going to enjoy all her Zooplus prezzies

Mushu is also still sleeping in his house despite the hot weather, and his long fur. I am trying to keep his room as cool as possible.
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Old Yesterday, 04:02 AM   #395
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Default Re: All About My Pumpkin

Thank you Coco61, cypher and AprilPearl

Coco61 - The nibble pots are also a favourite of Pumpkin's too - I got her a carrot and a zucchini pot, as they were a little cheaper than pets at home and wilko pots. Pumpkin also likes to remove the contents and then carries the pot across her cage to her sand bath were she likes to hoard her treats.

AprilPearl - No I didn't go to Squires, although I do have one locally but they no longer sell small pet products apart from hay and straw but now only sell dog and cat products. The garden centre I went to is a small chain (2 store) garden centre that are only located in locally and they have a big pet section!
Pumpkin my Sweet Cuddly Troublemaker
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Default Re: All About My Pumpkin

I love Pumpkin's playbin, it looks great. Did you use clear plastikote for the wheel or is it a coloured one?

That's quite a nice haul you got for Pumpkin It's always impossible to only buy what you went for especially when you see things that you haven't seen before. I have lots of bowls too, I don't know why though lol, I think I just like to have variety and options. It's a shame about the lemongrass treat but I agree, if you can't be sure then it's better to just return it. Hope Pumpkin likes the nibble pots. I think I might try them with my boys too

Glad to hear Pumpkin is being nice and cuddly and I don't blame you for not taking pics when you have the chance to have lots of cuddles

Bossed around by Boris, Pasha, Jaska, Artie & Max
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