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Default Which size wheel for Syrian?


So, basically, I'm getting a Trixie wooden wheel however, I'm undecided between the 28 cm (11") and the 33cm (12" close to 13"). I'm going to be getting a Syrian and am therefore unsure of its size. I'm worried if I get a small Syrian then it won't be able to push the wheel around. I've always gone with the idea that I should just get the biggest size so it's fine if they grow out of it. But now I'm second guessing myself?

Any advice will be highly thanked!
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Default Re: Which size wheel for Syrian?

I have the 28cm wheel for my Syrians. The larger one would be fine and they should have no issues pushing the wheel around as the wooden wheel uses ball bearings so it spins quite freely. When I bought mine the 33cm wheel wasn’t available.
It all depends to what will fit best in the cage you decide to get - but either are completely fine for a Syrian.
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Default Re: Which size wheel for Syrian?

I would stick with 28cm - 33cm is a bit overkill in my opinion. It's 13" diameter! There are very few syrians who need anything bigger than a 28cm diameter wheel. I only had the 12" silent runner because it attached to the bars Our last Syrian was huge - really big - 225g and very big all over. The 27cm wodent wheel wasn't quite big enough for him but the 28cm wood wheel was just right.
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