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Default Re: I'm really stuck on what to do for Chewy

Thank you Serendipity and Ria for all your help. Day by day things are getting clearer as you both answer my questions. I was thinking I had nowhere to put the potty in his house as his nest is quite big and he stashes food in the only corner his nest doesnt reach but now I know he can store food beneath his potty if he wants so I can sort something out. So he has been out for best part of an hour every morning before we leave for school for past 3 mornings. We all get ready by 7.45 and can play til 8.45. He runs around his playpen like a puppy, eats and grooms in the open and is no longer startled by sudden movements or noise. We all stroke him. He is fine. He approaches us all. He usually curls up in a box by the end of the hour and then I put him back in his cage, stroke him a bit more in there and he goes off to bed. I top up his food about 4pm before I make the kids tea and he comes out of his bed to stuff his cheeks with it and then goes back to bed. I did a bit of spot cleaning whilst he was doing that and he didnt seem bothered. His new wheel has just arrived so that will be in the playpen for a few days to check he likes it then I'll swap it over. With all the extra space he will gain from taking out the massive flying saucer I'll be putting in lots of new toys. These will be his favourites from the playpen so hopefully will have his scent a bit and be familiar. Can I ask another question please? I'm probably going to change to Fitch because of my sons puffy eyes with the Aspen. So I'm thinking, once a fortnight if I scoop out the fitch directly beneath his house incase I've missed any wee bits with spot cleaning , then I scoop out the whole top layer of fitch and bin it. The bottom two thirds of fitch I bag, wipe out the base. Put a third of fresh fitch in, then empty the bag of the fitch that was originally at the bottom on the top? Hope that makes sense! Is that how to clean him out properly? I wipe over his plastic shelf once a fortnight. His cardboard and wooden toys, I just brush off any bits with my hand and check them. I dont clean the wood. I wipe over plastic toys once a fortnight though. Also he loves his cracker box tunnel in the playpen. Is that safe for his home. It has pictures of crackers on it so is the picture safe to chew or do I have to stick to plain cardboard for toys in his home? I'm now I'm asking a lot of questions! But I'm very grateful for all the help I've been getting!
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