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Old 07-30-2021, 01:45 AM   #1
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Default Cleaned hamster cage now he won't come out

Hi, I've had my hamster about a month now and he started to come out more and get used to me. He takes food from my hand and I've been handling him with a glove because I'm worried about him biting but im working on holding him without gloves. I recently cleaned his cage about a week and a bit ago and then the last few days have added a new wheel and a few other new bits. I'm trying to make his cage look better and I have a lot of time at the moment so enjoying doing little diys for him.

However hes stopped coming out, a few weeks ago he was coming out in the evening snd mornings and I could get him out and now I hardly see him and he's basically gone back to how he was in the beginning. I know cleaning the cage can stress them out but its been over a week now so I'm worried I've stressed him out too much its just sad because he was getting more used to me and everything was going well.. should I leave him completely alone snd stop trying to get him to come up out of his bedding and just wait till he does on his own? I try skd talk to him everyday and get him to come out but doesn't seem to be doing anything 😂 i put peanut butter on a spoon and dangle it in the place he is and sometimes it gets him up but recently it hasn't been
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Old 07-30-2021, 06:00 AM   #2
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Default Re: Cleaned hamster cage now he won't come out

I'm assuming he is quite young as you've just had him for a month, so he may just be developing and growing and changing his schedule as he does so. However, if he is scarcely coming out at all, it's probably a good idea to check that all is well with him. Is he eating and drinking as normal? Is he playing at night? Does he seem well in himself? Are you able to pinpoint when he stopped coming out, and did that tally with when you cleaned the cage? Does he seem alert when he is out? If he sits hunched over or with ears pressed back, that could suggest that there is something else going on.

I don't think you should stop talking to him, especially as he was getting to know you and trust you. Perhaps try to keep cage cleans to the bare minimum for now, spot-cleaning as necessary. For more thorough cleans when they are needed, make sure to replace some of his old bedding and mix it in with the new so that it has his scent on it and seems familiar to him.

If you continue to be concerned about his behaviour, it may be worth getting him checked over by a vet, even if just to reassure yourself that all is well.
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