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Old 08-01-2017, 01:46 AM   #1
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Default What age to adopt a newborn?

I am looking to adopt a dwarf and I have seen a few listings where the pups (?) are newborn. One ad is for pups only two weeks old. When is the right age to adopt? I am scared if the litter is left together too long that I might be adopting a pregnant female, which I definitely don't want.

Also is it possible to have cream dwarfs? Are they hybrids? For instance this litter?

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Maybe adopting from an unplanned litter is not such a great idea but there are no rescues in Ireland with hamsters to rehome. I would prefer to hold out for a single, adult dwarf needing a home, really. I definitely don't want to buy one from a pet shop.

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Default Re: What age to adopt a newborn?

They look to have the colour of an Argente Campbell but unless you've got a pedigree, it's best to assume that they are Hybrids rather than Pure Campbells.

In terms of their age, the owner could well be listing them now so that they've got homes already lined up for when they are old enough to go to their new homes but as they're still receiving some nutrition from their mother at two weeks, they will not be old enough to leave yet. I have known of some four week old pups being rehomed but the NHC doesn't allow pups younger than five weeks to be rehomed but most breeders will prefer to keep them until they're at least six weeks old.

The pups themselves should ideally be separated into single sex groups by their current owner by the time they are four weeks old so there shouldn't be any accidental pregnancies but mistakes can happen if their current owner doesn't know how to sex them properly.
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Default Re: What age to adopt a newborn?

Not sure about cream hybrids, sorry.

I do know that pups should not go to new homes if they are under 5 weeks old. At 2 weeks, they would die without their mum if not hand reared. And new bird is definitely too young. Are you sure those ads don't say that you can't take the pups until they are a certain age - such as 5 weeks?

So long as the pups are separated at 3 and a half to 4 weeks (and correctly sexed) you should not end up with a pregnant female. It might be better to get a male just in case if you are worried, though - although they could obviously end up being a pregnant girl.

Some pet shops have adoption centres where people bring in (usually) adult hamsters and leave them there to be adopted. Are there any of those near you?
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Default Re: What age to adopt a newborn?

Thank you both very much for the advice.

I think I will steer clear of people giving away pups, just to be sure. I am sure such advertisers in the small ads don't know what they are doing and were simply sold two dwarfs who weren't sexed by the pet shop. Poor pups. I will hold out for a single adult needing a home. I just have to be patient! Thanks again.
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