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Old 08-22-2020, 04:50 PM   #1
Newborn Pup
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Default Goodnight Maple Syrup

So today I went to check on my Syrian hamster Maple and noticed that she had passed away. Iím absolutely heart broken. She had just turned 2 years old on the 20th august and we had celebrated by making her a safe hamster cake and throwing her a mini party. Ive tried remembering the good times weíve had but it just makes me even more upset thatís she gone.. Is there any advice with dealing with a loss of a hamster if so it would be really helpful as losing maple has been very tough on me. Also when should I clean out her cage as I donít know if I should clean it out now as it will just feel as if she never existed or to leave it for a bit.
Thanks x
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Old 08-22-2020, 10:00 PM   #2
Dwarf whisperer
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Default Re: Goodnight Maple Syrup

I’m so very sorry for your loss, it’s always hard losing a hamster. Maple lived to a really good age & passed peacefully at home, that’s the best you can hope for for your ham.
It takes time, the memories of the good times will help when your initial grief has begun to ease a little, we never stop missing them but they do live on in our hearts.
It can help to make a memorial for them either something like a memory box or something to mark their final resting place.
Take your time cleaning the cage & do it when you feel ready, sometimes I’ve felt the need to do it quite soon other times it’s taken me weeks, listen to your heart & do what feels right for you.

Run free & play well at the bridge Maple.
Slave to Zak, CalyanwŽ & Gusto.
Always loved, never forgotten, forever in my heart
T'ycor, Ziggy, Zephyr, Flynt, Mickle, Little Whisp, Zen, Zeki, TinwŽ, Zylvan & MŪriel
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Old 08-23-2020, 10:18 AM   #3
Adult Hamster
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Default Re: Goodnight Maple Syrup

I'm so sorry to hear about your little ham. As Cypher says, two years is a good age, and she obviously had a life with you where she was safe and loved, which is as much as we can do for our furry friends. It will feel like a gaping hole in your life at first, but the passing of time does help.
When I lost my hybrid in January I couldn't handle cleaning the cage at all, and in the end my daughter did it for me and put it away. Have you got someone who could deal with it if you don't feel able to face it?
Give yourself time to grieve. Maple had a long and happy life, and in time perhaps you will feel able to offer a loving home to another ham. Maple will find lots of friends over the bridge.
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Old 08-23-2020, 11:05 AM   #4
Ria P
House of Hamsters
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Default Re: Goodnight Maple Syrup

I am so sorry for your loss.
Maple had a good long life and she left this world peacefully from her own nest. It does help to know this but the emotions of grief are intense and will only fade as time goes on.
Do whatever you feel comfortable with. We all deal differently with loss. I lost a hamster in May and it took me by surprise how much it affected me. I have only had hamster housemates since March last year and this hamster was ill when i adopted him.
I cleaned his cage straight after i had buried him because it was too upsetting to look at his home knowing that he would never return to it. I even set up the cage again, differently though but couldn't bring myself to reuse his mug. It was his so i kept it as his, put silk flowers in it and it is still on the table where his habitat once was.
The next day i went into a petshop to buy something for my other hamsters, saw a litter of dwarfs in a tiny tank and took one home. Not to replace my dear Percy but to give another hamster a chance of a good life.
It made no difference to the sadness i felt about losing Percy because every hamster is an individual and irreplacable. To this day i wished i had had more time with him, an extra month, a extra week.

It may help you to talk about Maple, to share her memories with this community of people who understand how you feel. You could even share her lifestory and some photos of her.

The first few days and weeks are hard but time will help you to come to terms with your loss and Maple's memories will always stay with you.
Housemate of Gordon & Edwina & Ozzy & Rory & Rodney & lodger Ivy
always in my thoughts Percy and Henry
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Old 08-23-2020, 12:42 PM   #5
Hamster Pup
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Default Re: Goodnight Maple Syrup

So sorry to hear about your little hammie.
I just lost my Smokey 3 days ago, so I completely understand the hamster-sized hole in your heart you might be experiencing right now.
It's still really hard to talk about, or even think about it without getting teary, but the grief is slowly getting better. Do what feels right for you. I buried Smokey in the garden where I made a small memorial to him, and I still say good morning to him when I go water my plants. I cleaned his cage right away because he had been sick, but also because I wanted his cage to look different and be in a different location. It's a little hard to explain, but I didnt want to forget and expect to see him, then have it hit me fresh each time.
I find it's starting to get easier to look at photos and videos of him, and to be able to smile at the memories of his antics. In fact, I put a small 15 second video of him on my phone's screen saver, so whenever I turn on my phone I see his cute little wiggling nose. It makes me smile.
It helps to think of the happy times, and not to dwell on how he was at the end, when he was sick.
This forum has also helped me a lot, to know other people understand how hard it is to lose your beloved pet, and that even if they are small in size they can still hold a big place in your heart.
Know that you are not alone in your grief.
Rest in peace, Maple
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Old 08-23-2020, 07:39 PM   #6
Newborn Pup
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Unhappy Re: Goodnight Maple Syrup

I'm so sorry for your loss! I've had 2 hamsters in the pass and unfortunately both of them passed away a few years ago. I still miss them but I know they've gone to a better place, as your hamster has.
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Old 09-12-2020, 08:08 AM   #7
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Default Re: Goodnight Maple Syrup

I'm so sorry for your loss.
Run free at the bridge Maple Syrup x
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