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Old 11-30-2018, 02:50 PM   #11
Thin Lizzy
Hamster Warrior
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Default Re: Always Loved and In My Heart, Eros007 - Baby Bee!

Oh god dreamtree, I'm heartbroken, Broke down sobbing, I can't believe you're little princess has gone to the rainbow bridge. Please be rest assured Master Harvey, Sir Mocho Rattle & the rest of the Ham-Orchestra were there waiting for Her Majesty Eros007, many tears, ham-hugs & music celebrating her life. All the Ham-Orchestra are together and the music will never stop.
I'm here for you dreamtree and sending you lots of love xxxx
Eros stole my heart with her antics, posing and expressions, she will be so missed and forever loved and remembered.
Mom To Gorgeous Noah
Over The Rainbow Bridge - Master Harvey 2 years & 5 months, Twinkle 'The Diva' 1 year & 8 months, Archie 2 years & 3 months & Xena 2 years & 9 months. Forever loved by T-Liz.
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Old 12-01-2018, 01:21 AM   #12
Hamster Pup
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Default Re: Always Loved and In My Heart, Eros007 - Baby Bee!

Sorry for the loss of your very beautiful and special ham Eros. She clearly loved you deeply as much as you loved her. Hope the many wonderful and cherished memories you have of her, comfort you and help to soothe your heart at this sad and difficult time xx
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Old 12-01-2018, 05:51 PM   #13
Ruth Edwards
Senior Hamster
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Default Re: Always Loved and In My Heart, Eros007 - Baby Bee!

Dear Dreamtree, i wish could give you a big hug, hope you are feeling better soon. Eros had a wonderful life with you, and she made you happy too. thankyou for sharing her antics with us, she was a lovely personality, love, Ruth
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Old 12-01-2018, 10:39 PM   #14
Hamster Overlord
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Default Re: Always Loved and In My Heart, Eros007 - Baby Bee!

I canít even begin.
I really never get this tearied eyed. Dreamtree. I canít even. Life is hard on us some times, to hard. I remember me losing my past ham, Comet. I walked in the room to find him in his foverever sleep. My heart skipped a beat and I felt the air run out of me. This wasnít happening. I can only imageine how you feel about Eros. You two had one of the strongest bonds I have ever seen a person and a hamster have. It was truly amazing seeing Eros with her sweet and charming personality in lovely photos. I doubt I will ever forget this presious ham. She was, I canít even put it into words. Something else. She was so beautiful. I giggled so hard seeing her photos. She lived a lovley life with you. Sending the biggest hugs in the words and kisses from Mr. Libby. xxx

I will never forget your beautiful face. You were such a beautiful and well, presious little hamster. My first time I was on the fourm, I was greeted by this beautiful two-colored eyed hamster. She was the prettiest hamster I had ever seen. And, that was you. Eros. Your mum took gorgeous photos of you and your sweet personality shined. You dating your peanuts made my day and I will never forget you and the McDonald fries. I will miss you and so will Libby. xoxo
Proud mother of Libby, The King of Whimzees
Thank you so much for all the memories we shared together, Comet.
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Old 12-02-2018, 07:31 AM   #15
The Cuddler of Cuteness
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Default Re: Always Loved and In My Heart, Eros007 - Baby Bee!

Thank you, Souffle, Cypher, Jesika, RJS, Josie, Mangoandmimi, JennySTL, Flowerfairy, Coco, Thin Lizzy, Pinkpixie, Ruth Edwards, and Sasha. I am so sorry that it has taken me a few days to respond to all of your touching and sweet posts. They do really mean the world to me, and I thank you so very much for your kind and comforting words, big hugs, and friendship. Having the compassion and love of my dear family and lots of wonderful friends like all of you on HC who truly understand what I am going through is truly helping me. I am totally devastated and still extremely shocked that Eros has gone to the bridge, but I'm taking it one day at a time. I find myself keep glancing into her cage expecting to see her adorable face filled with anticipation to come out and play with me. I was getting ready to sit down for my breakfast and was beginning to cut a piece of my cheesy bread and veggie meal for her yesterday morning and then I burst into tears when there was no eager Eros sitting patiently and ready to have her share. When I unlatched her cage cover screen last night to take her out for her extra playtime and cuddle session, my heart sank after seeing that her nest was untouched and realizing again that I would never be able to give my little sweetheart another cuddling or ever receive a bunch of her ticklish, whisker kisses on my cheeks. I know that I have to clean out her cage and store away her precious toys for another future ham, but my heart cannot seem to find the emotional strength to do it right now. Currently, the rain is pouring down outside just like my tears are constantly flowing so I will just have to try my best to do it in the next few days or if I see a lovely rainbow outside. I miss my darling heart-ham so much that words can’t truly seem to express how I am feeling inside and I know it will take time to heal my broken heart. I am so utterly grateful that I was blessed enough to have her in my life for as long as I did and we created so many precious and treasured memories together that will live on in my heart and mind forever. I just wish with all of my heart that hams were able to have a much longer lifespan so they do not have to leave all of their loved ones much too soon, but I know that they always make a point to pack so much love, adventure, and happiness into the short lives they live. These little ones are truly inspirational and wonderful cutie pies because they always make the most of each and every day and night. They are so tiny, but they have the hugest of hearts and have a larger than life personality to go with it. “I can’t do it” is just not in a hammy’s vocabulary.

I am comforted knowing that she did not suffer and passed peacefully and quickly, feeling all the love. It is such a lovely thought that she will never be lonely and will always be surrounded by those who love her dearly. I have a huge smile on my face thinking of the image of her being welcomed and greeted at the Rainbow Bridge by her piggy sister Snickers, all of my and my family’s beloved past hams, so many wonderful ham friends from HC, and most of the treasured ham gang pals from the Electric Ham-Orchestra except for Artie, Ghost, Tinwe, and Newt (who I’m sure are playing their musical instruments from their Earthly palaces). I know that she will have a wonderful time frolicking and playing, creating so many precious memories, getting into mischief, stuffing her cheek pouches with plenty of scrumptious goodies, and probably spying on all of us here with all of them there, lol. They will all be surrounded with infinite amounts of love, whisker kisses and, of course, the glorious sounds of lovely music created by the magnificent and beloved conductor Sir Mocho Rattle and orchestra leader Master Harvey, and the members of E.H.O. She will be in great company by so many beloved, little fluffs until we are all reunited once again.

Thank you once again for all of your comforting messages and love. Dreamtree xxx

"...she fell into a deep sleep, and dreamed the dreams of the dreamtree." ~Stephen Cosgrove
Mum to Duchess. Fur Angels Eros007, Arwen, Hinata & Snickers 4Ever.

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Old 12-02-2018, 04:54 PM   #16
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Default Re: Always Loved and In My Heart, Eros007 - Baby Bee!

So sorry to see this. Hugs.
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Old 12-03-2018, 05:17 AM   #17
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Default Re: Always Loved and In My Heart, Eros007 - Baby Bee!

I am so very sorry Dreamtree to hear about your loss of your beloved Eros. Eros was a special little girl for finding her way into a incredibly loving home with you were you both could share so many wonderful adventures together. I am so gratefully that you decided to share Eros with us all on HC - she really captivated me with her beauty, personality and all those gorgeous funny photos of your stunning girl - that I was all so excited to see a new post on her thread. I am pleased that you got to spend lots of time with Eros before she left for the bridge and there to comfort her as she was getting her angel wings - plus tell your special girl how much she meant to you.

I read your post soon after you posted it but I found it so difficult to type a reply as my emotions took over, as Eros personality and character reminded me so much of my Pumpkin - so found it so difficult. I am in a flood of tears just typing this reply - but reassured that Eros and Pumpkin will get to met each other at the bridge and have lots of fun filled adventures together after stuffing their faces full of mealworms.

Rest in Peace Eros, plus enjoy your top secret missions at the rainbow bridge!
My Special Sweet Humbug, My Sweet Teeny Tiny Peppermint And My Sweet Shy Almond
R.I.P Honey, Caramel, Cotton, Cookie, Toffee, Sherbet, Pumpkin, Maple, Treacle and Liquorice. Forever in my Heart <3
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Old 12-03-2018, 05:48 AM   #18
Adult Hamster
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Default Re: Always Loved and In My Heart, Eros007 - Baby Bee!

Oh no! Not Eros.... Dreamtree, Iím so SO sorry. My heart broke when I saw this thread. I know I havenít posted a in while, but I tried to stay updated on my best ham pal here, and I just canít believe sheís not here anymore. I know how hard it is for you right now. I donít think I ever met a person who cared about their ham as much as you. Eros was SO, SO loved, and so incredibly lucky to have you as her caretaker. I have no doubt that she loved you with all her heart, and this love was what called you to her in the middle of the night. Probably her spirit was still there and she wanted to see you one last time. I truly believe that one day we will all meet our beloved somewhere over the rainbow, and Iím sure, Eros will often visit your dreams.

Play free over the bridge, gorgeous Eros. Know that your friend Marti misses you greatly, and hopes that youíll visit her dreams too. Say hello to our sweet Prince Lemon up there and know that you will never be forgotten...

Mommy to Noir the antique book loving chinchilla
R.I.P. Prince Lemon - my fluffy baby. Iíll never forget you. 23.09.2017 - 17.05.2018
R.I.P. Martina - my golden Queen. You were amazing. 14.02.2017 - 24.01.2019
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Old 12-03-2018, 09:07 AM   #19
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Default Re: Always Loved and In My Heart, Eros007 - Baby Bee!

My heart broke when I saw this thread and I avoided looking at it for a couple of days because I just didn't want it to be true So I apologise for taking so long to respond to your post.

I'm so very sorry dreamtree, she was so so special. Always so entertaining and photogenic and just the sweetest girl with a huge personality and she'll be missed terribly. Eros will always have a special place in my heart.

Sending you much love and hugs dreamtree, you'll be in my thoughts at this time xx

Have fun at the bridge Eros, though I know you'll be entertaining all your friends at the rainbow bridge with your stories. Sleep well Baby bee xx

Bossed around by Artie, Spartacus, Snapdragon, Feliks, Veikko & Delphia.
Boris, Pasha, Jaska & Max playing at the rainbow bridge, forever loved.
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Old 12-03-2018, 09:13 PM   #20
Thin Lizzy
Hamster Warrior
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Default Re: Always Loved and In My Heart, Eros007 - Baby Bee!

Dreamtree, my heart goes out to you knowing you're going through a very sad time, your little girl will be forever remembered and loved. I'm so pleased she went peacefully at home with you. I miss her dearly. We are all here for you.
I want to thank you for sharing Eros's adventures, the posing pics, her expressions and well for making me giggle so much. Her Majesty Eros007 captured our hearts.
Lots of Love xxx
Mom To Gorgeous Noah
Over The Rainbow Bridge - Master Harvey 2 years & 5 months, Twinkle 'The Diva' 1 year & 8 months, Archie 2 years & 3 months & Xena 2 years & 9 months. Forever loved by T-Liz.
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