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Old 03-18-2018, 04:31 AM   #1
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Default Farewell Jaska


Around 5pm yesterday, we said our goodbyes to our sweet Jaska. We'd taken him to the vet yesterday morning as he had an impacted cheek pouch and he was very weak, struggling to stand or walk. I'd tried to help him on Friday and managed to get some of it cleared but not all. The gave him a little gas and got the pouches cleared and we brought him home a few hours later. He was extremely weak and never really seemed to recover, he was just lying in his carrier not moving and even when I lifted him out to put him in his cage he just lay there. I hoped it was just the gas and checked on him frequently. The last time we checked on him he had passed. He was still slightly warm to the touch so I don't think he had been gone long. He looked very peaceful lying there so hopefully he went without pain. I feel bad that I didn't stay with him but Jaska always preferred his own company and I struggled all afternoon about if I should just take him out his cage and keep him with me or let him be.

He was a very sweet and gentle little guy, never making a fuss but mostly preferring his own company. I'll miss hearing him banging his whimzee toothbrush on the inside of his ceramic house each morning, that was always his sign that I could come and visit him for a little while. He would sit on my hand and take a few seeds and let me give his fur a little stroke before he went away back to his nest. I'll miss those precious 5 minutes that I got to spend with my shy little Jaska bean. You will always be in our hearts Jaska, and we'll think of you every day. Have fun with Boris, Pasha, Max and your friends and look after each other xx





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Boris, Pasha, Jaska & Max playing at the rainbow bridge, forever loved.
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Old 03-18-2018, 04:48 AM   #2
Thin Lizzy
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Default Re: Farewell Jaska

My heart sank seeing this thread BP, my eyes are full of tears at Jaska's passing. Such an adorable lovable black fluffy boy who only came out when it suited him. And when he did the pics were full of cheekiness and gorgeousness he melted my heart over and over.
I shall miss him dearly. My heart goes out to you, you've had a lot to deal with this year, sending you big hugs and love xxxx
Mom To Gorgeous Noah
Over The Rainbow Bridge - Master Harvey 2 years & 5 months, Twinkle 'The Diva' 1 year & 8 months, Archie 2 years & 3 months & Xena 2 years & 9 months. Forever loved by T-Liz.
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Old 03-18-2018, 04:49 AM   #3
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Default Re: Farewell Jaska

Jaska was such a sweet & lovely boy, I always had a special soft spot for him & will miss him too.
He had a happy life with you in his own way & I'm sure he couldn't have wished for more, I'm so sorry he's gone to the bridge now especially so soon after his brothers but I am glad he was able to go peacefully in his own cage.
My heart goes out to you & Hamdad at this difficult time, I know your sweet boy will be missed so very much.

Run free & play well at the bridge Jaska, have fun with your brothers & send you mum & dad a rainbow when you can.
Slave to Zylvan & Mriel.
Always loved, never forgotten, forever in my heart
T'ycor, Ziggy, Zephyr, Flynt, Mickle, Little Whisp, Zen, Zeki & Tinw

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Old 03-18-2018, 06:57 AM   #4
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Default Re: Farewell Jaska

oh BP, I am so sorry that you have Lost another of your precious boys. The photos posted remind us all of your sweet natured Jaska. He had a lovely life with you, doing what he liked to do. It is a reminder that some hammies just prefer to do their own thing on their own terms and are happy and loved just the same.
Run free at the bridge sweet Jaska. Find the others and give them our love.
Hugs to you BP.
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Old 03-18-2018, 08:37 AM   #5
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Default Re: Farewell Jaska

My eyes filled with tears seeing this, Im so sorry for your loss, I can see you loved him deeply.
Run free at the bridge Jaska, you surely had a great life.
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Old 03-19-2018, 05:23 AM   #6
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Default Re: Farewell Jaska

I am so very sorry BP to hear that your shy boy Jaska has left to go to the bridge. I was so shocked to see this thread after your recent loss of both Boris and Pasha.
You have given Jaska an amazing home and life were he could be himself and live in comfort knowing he was in as safe loving home. He was so handsome and I always enjoyed seeing photos of Jaska when he braved adventuring out.
Jaska have lots of fun at the bridge alongside your brothers Max, Boris and Pasha.
My Sweet Naughty Tortie Liquorice and My Special Sweet Humbug
R.I.P Honey, Caramel, Cotton, Cookie, Toffee, Sherbet, Pumpkin, Maple and Treacle. Forever in my Heart <3
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Old 03-19-2018, 06:20 AM   #7
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Default Re: Farewell Jaska

I am so very sorry for our loss. What a difficult time you are having. He had a lovely life full of love though.
Run free at the bridge Jaska x
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Old 03-19-2018, 09:38 PM   #8
Hamster Pup
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Default Re: Farewell Jaska

I'm sorry for your loss, but at least he lived a happy life with you.
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Old 03-21-2018, 07:41 AM   #9
Adult Hamster
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Default Re: Farewell Jaska

I’m so sorry about Jaska, BP! It’s heartbreaking that you have to deal with so much loss this year. I hope he’ll meet all your boys up there on the rainbow bridge.
He was very lucky to meet you and be with you, I’m sure he’s very grateful to all hamster gods that it was you who became his owner and friend. He was a very lucky ham!

Mommy to Martina the golden Queen and Noir the antique book loving chinchilla
R.I.P. Prince Lemon - my fluffy baby. Ill never forget you. 23.09.2017 - 17.05.2018
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Old 03-21-2018, 08:39 AM   #10
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Default Re: Farewell Jaska

So sorry to hear about Jaska. He will be missed by many.
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