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Talking I really need help with my new hamster

I have had a Syrian hamster before that was super sweet and lived for 2 years. and I have had a dwarf hamster that was very mean and only lived for a month I have gotten another Syrian hamster 3 weeks ago and he is 4 months old. When he is his cage, he will attack your finger! The bites are bad. When he is out the cage, he is a little afraid but will still bite. Is there a way to make him stop biting when he encounters things? And do you think he will always bite a hand every time you hold him? I am afraid he will not get better like my last hamster. Any toys that can help? I need any advice I can get, thank you!!!
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Default Re: I really need help with my new hamster

Make sure in his cage he does have lots of chew things, some hammies don’t like them (like mine), but they’re always bound to love the dog treat called Whimzees which is great for keeping their teeth down.
All I can think of is that the taming process at the start was a little stressful/rushed for him and now he associates your hand with danger. How does he act when you’re around the cage? I’d say leave putting your hand around him while he’s awake and just sit next to his cage speaking to him softly for a couple minutes for a few nights. If he seems completely comfortable in his own cage with you around, take him out into the bath, scatter treats around so he can have fun finding them but don’t touch him, let him just get used to your scent and sound in there. Then after some nights in the bath, offer him a treat in your fingers.
Don’t give up, any hamster can be tamed to an extent. Hamsters bite when they are frightened and I’m sure he isn’t biting for no reason. Take it slow and I’m sure he’ll get gradually more and more used to you
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Default Re: I really need help with my new hamster

Hamsters have very poor eyesight so your hamster is probably biting you as you're scaring it.
You need to train hamsters to trust you. Use food to encourage the hamster to come out of it's house first. You need to be committed to training every day and eventually you will be able to handle your hamster.
Hamsters also get used to your voice and smell so talk to your hamster when it is awake. when
Check out the following link for training tips:

You do need to put in the time with your hamsters. It in worth it when they trust you.
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Default Re: I really need help with my new hamster

Take taming slowly and with patience. He is giving you a message that he feels stressed by your hand in his cage. They need to learn to trust. It would be better to do taming out of the cage, gradually. You could get him out in a tube - put a treat in one end and put the tube in front of his house (treat at far end). When he walks in put your hands over both ends of the tube (wear gloves so you don't get nervous and drop him if you feel him push at your hands but it would be hard to bite at that angle!) and lift the tube out carefully, then put it down into a secure box nearby and let him out. You can then transport him to the dry bathtub for some taming sessions. If you have a hamster ball, an easier way is to put one end of the tube in the hamster ball and let him walk into it then pop the lid on and carry him to the bathtub that way.

It's important to be very gentle when handling them so they learn to trust that you won't hurt. Stress and cage rage can also cause them to be aggressive, so is your cage big enough? If you have a photo we can advise because sometimes, even when it is big enough, the level of enrichment or layout isn't right for them so they don't feel safe.

Just adding a video of when we tamed our last Syrian - it doesn't show much but has some tips. He was ferral when we got him and would run at your hand but once he trusted us and was tame he was soft as anything and would go to sleep on my knee.

Haha - the tips aren't showing up on the video. Basically let them run around in the bathtub with a few toys and they tend to slither up and down the side of the bath trying to get out. Occasionally stroke her on the back lightly with one finger - just one stroke (you can wear gloves). If she jerks round to bite or actually bites, then stop. A few minutes later try again. Maybe do this two or three times first session. Continue with this each session (maybe every 2 or 3 days or 3 times a week) and eventually she will stop jerking round to bite your finger and will ignore it. This is a big step. Next move onto cupping a hand under her while she's walking round in the bathtub. Don#t try to hold her, just let her walk off again. After a few times of this, then next session cup your hand under her and lift it slightly - just 1cm or so. But still let her walk off. Then move onto lifting it slightly higher - 2 to 3 inches then lower her down again. By then you should be able to pick her up and hold her for short periods and let her run from hand to hand with your hands tunneled. Don't do it for too long or they get frustrated. Our hamster was tame as anything once we could pick him up. But even then he didn't like being handled for too long.

Generally they also don't like a hand in their cage as it's their territory.


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