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Old 01-16-2019, 04:17 PM   #11
Hamsters University
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Default Re: All About My Humbug

He is adorable! And so lucky you found him He is so lucky to have that lovely cage set up too. You should post some of your set ups on the "lets see your cages" thread - it's been a bit quiet on there recently! What a brave little man with his missing paw.
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Old 01-21-2019, 10:37 AM   #12
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Default Re: All About My Humbug

Thank you cypher, endearing little hammie, pinkpixie, mangoandmimi, Coco61, Charlie Dunn, hisnameispip, alpacassei, buttercuplols and Serendipity7000. Humbug has been flattered by his warm welcome to HC and all the wonderful compliments. Missing a paw doesn’t seem to be phasing him at all in the slightest and is still loving his wheel.

Serendipty7000, I will post some of my cage layout on Lets see your cage thread soon – I will look through the photos I have of all my cage layouts and post my favourites in the next few days.


My Little Buggy

Humbug has settled in really well and is becoming more and more confidence as every day goes on – occasionally he will get spooked typical my Liquorice making an absolute racket – she make me jump with her banging too - but neither seem bothered by each other presence which I’m very pleased about. Humbug stump has been doing very well and the fur has regrown on his stump – he still has a slight scab on the tip of his stump hopefully he will leave this alone to allow it to fully heal.

I had been a little unsure of his gender although I was pretty certain he was a male – as he more happy with being handled I managed to flip him over quickly to get a look at his private area and he is definitely a little boy – so he my very first male hamster. Have noticed he smells a lot more than Treacle, Honey and Caramel did but don’t know if that because he using his wheel as his toilet as well as a snack bar and also for a quick nap! Humbug and Liquorice are the only hamsters I have ever had to pee in their wheels – and talk about pungent smell when it time to clean them! As when Humbug ran in his wheel his stump used to make a tapping sound when he ran in his wheel as even though he doesn’t have a paw he still uses his stump to walk and run – that I was worried that this was potentially causing some discomfort – so made a fleece liner for his wheel to give a padded surface which he seems to be very happy with – I will be closely monitor him to make sure he isn’t chewing on it!

Well Humbug has proved my assumption right that he is a winter white hybrid – as is fur has gradually been getting lighter and lighter day by day – so now he a beautiful light grey which I think make him look even more handsome. This was how his fur looked a few days ago – he is lighter than this now!

Well I have figured out where Humbug sleeps – well it more like 4 places – either his Christmas pud house, either in or behind his wooden cottage (beneath blue shelf) and his peanut hideaway (beneath the pink shelf) – so it a guessing game to see which one he will emerge from although most of the time he will just suddenly appear or disappear without me seeing. Here's Buggy peering out of his Christmas pud house ...

Humbug has been getting to try some new treats – yesterday he had his very first taste of broccoli which he absolutely loved but he wasn’t too impressed by flax sprays – he just ignored his. But he still a little hesitant as trying new treats but usually after a little nibble he has made his mind up – which is often he loves it! Here is Humbug enjoying some mealworm and shrimp ...

My Special Sweet Humbug, My Sweet Teeny Tiny Peppermint And My Sweet Shy Almond
R.I.P Honey, Caramel, Cotton, Cookie, Toffee, Sherbet, Pumpkin, Maple, Treacle and Liquorice. Forever in my Heart <3
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Old 01-21-2019, 01:18 PM   #13
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Default Re: All About My Humbug

What a cute little guy and looks like he has some really nice little hides to be comfortable in. So nice to hear the details of how things are going.
All the best.
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Old 01-21-2019, 01:44 PM   #14
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Default Re: All About My Humbug

Awww, what a handsome guy Humbug is developing into in your care SKB. Good to hear that his stump is healing so well and hardening up. Sounds as though it will make little difference to his life. Great photos of him.
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Old 01-21-2019, 03:13 PM   #15
Hamsters University
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Default Re: All About My Humbug

Ooh mealworms and Christmas pudding - he's having a real feast
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Old 01-21-2019, 10:55 PM   #16
Dwarf whisperer
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Default Re: All About My Humbug

Lovely photos of Humbug, he does get even more handsome & his coat is maturing beautifully! I do love it when they have multiple nests & you have to play the guessing game lol!
Slave to Zak, Gusto & Merilin.
Always loved, never forgotten, forever in my heart
T'ycor, Ziggy, Zephyr, Flynt, Mickle, Little Whisp, Zen, Zeki, Tinwë, Zylvan, Míriel & Calyanwë
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Old 01-22-2019, 03:49 AM   #17
Hamster Pup
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Default Re: All About My Humbug

Aww, Humbug is so cute, bless him! I love his colouing. I'm so glad he's doing so well.
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Old 01-22-2019, 10:16 AM   #18
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Default Re: All About My Humbug

Humbug is just sooo cute and he's a lucky little boy to have a home with you SKB

Can't wait to see more pictures of him and I hope his stump is healing up well after the amputation. It is amazing how well they manage with only 3 paws. My Max was the same, didn't seem phased by it at all and hamstered about as well as the others

Bossed around by Artie, Spartacus, Snapdragon, Feliks, Veikko & Delphia.
Boris, Pasha, Jaska & Max playing at the rainbow bridge, forever loved.
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Old 01-22-2019, 02:08 PM   #19
Little Miss Tinytoes
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Default Re: All About My Humbug

He really is adorable, his coat is looking lovely. Very glad to hear he’s doing well with his stump and that it’s healing well too.
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Old 01-22-2019, 02:19 PM   #20
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Default Re: All About My Humbug

Awww - his so cute. The photo where he has his little hands near his mouth, what a cutie. His a lovely colour.
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