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Default Supplies - What's safe, what isn't?

Bathing sand (This one is kinda urgent because she doesn't have any and I would like to order some immediately, it may take a while to ship)

1. Jolly Antifungal Chinchilla Bathing Sand
2. Jolly Chinchilla Bathing Sand
3. Alex Anti-bacteria Chinchilla Bathing Sand

Anyone heard of these before? Is the Antifungal/ Anti-bacteria stuff good? Because I'm kinda skeptical of all the "added" stuff and was wondering if it would be healthier to go with plain. I was thinking of getting the Jolly brand sand (options 1 and 2), either with or without antifungal.

Cooling Off
She might be feeling a little overheated.

I've gotten her a small USB fan that is angled so that there's only a very very light breeze partially aimed at a top corner of her bin. It's a very tall bin so the air doesn't even blow to hamster-level, and she has ample space and nests to hide away completely from the breeze if she doesn't like it. I hope this is fine?

She loves her ceramic cup very much and rolled around inside it on her back when she first discovered it.

I would still like to get her more items to cool off just in case, because I'm not around during the day (and that's when the weather gets really warm). Does anyone have any experience with those commercial cooling pads/ mats? I've seen some online by the Jolly/ Alex brand and it's basically a piece of aluminium.

I've also seen some cooling houses - a little hut made from plastic with a few holes in it, and the bottom is made of aluminium. There's also a cooling hammock, again with an aluminium base.How well will those work?


I read that pine and cedar are bad, and aspen is good. How about poplar?

Anyone heard of the Mango brand before (just a brand name, the shavings are unscented and it was the only unscented one I could find in the pet shop).


I'm currently using a Jolly brand food mix, any general nutritional advice? I'm not planning to give her a lot of fruit or vegetables yet, because she's already 4 months old and the pet shop I got her from only gave her some basic food mix. I plan to slowly do fruit and vegetable introduction (and just a little) once she's comfortable with her new home. Any suggestions for her main food?

Yep, that's about it for now, thanks so much for the help. It's not that easy for me to find the exact same brands that you use here, so I'm looking at alternatives and also, trying to order some stuff online.

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