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Old 11-25-2018, 05:17 AM   #1
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Default Wooden houses

I've had my hamster a few months, however, noticed when cleaning him he has weed on his wooden house and it obviously smells very strong he has also been chewing it. Is it advisable to get a plastic house or do you just keep replacing a wooden one, I don't want to upset him by getting a totally different house as he's now used to this one so not sure what to do?
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Default Re: Wooden houses

I would suggest replacing the wooden house with another one since he is used to that style. However, I would protect it with a clear Plastikote to waterproof it first so it is easily cleaned in the future. Plastikote is safe if it's the water based enamel and not any other kind of Plastikote.

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Default Re: Wooden houses

I agree with dreamtree, you will have to replace it & paint the new one, just make sure it's the Plastikote water based enamel not the other kinds which aren't safe, it says clearly on the jar what it is.
Once painted it's easy to just wipe down the house if it gets peed on.
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Default Re: Wooden houses

Plastikote works well on smooth wood houses but not the rough bark ones. Also you need to check for safety with some wood houses which have nails, if he is chewing it.

I think a good option would be to give him a bigger house - one that a hamster litter tray fits inside - you can get corner ones that are good for that. I've always found that if I give them a large house, they tend to move their pee spot inside the house anyway - like an ensuite bathroom. They nest furthest away from the door where it's darkest and tend to pee in the corner opposite the door. A larger house would also have plenty of room for a big nest for winter - they tend to want to build a really big nest when it's getting colder.

I was going to suggest a particular wood house, but maybe a shoebox house would be better for now. It's just the right size to fit a litter tray in one corner and room for a large nest as well and easy to replace. You cut the base out and use the lid as a lift-off roof - so you can check inside without having to take the house out, so the nest doesn't fall apart - and also makes it easy to lift the potty out to empty it.

I've never had a house soiled when there's been a potty there - they tend to pee in the back corner and sit in the front bit for a wash - you put chinchilla bathing sand in it.

I'm sure he'd appreciate it! The flat roof also makes another little platform and if you put a bendy bridge tunnel over the door it makes it nice and dark inside and makes a ramp up to the roof. Whenever I've done that they use the house because they go down the tunnel and like it being dark in there.

I have this litter tray - it's the right size for a hamster - not too big and easily fits in a shoebox house. If you cut the door hole near one end of the long side you can put the litter tray in the back corner at that end and they will nest at the other end where it's darker.

There are a few litter trays this shape but check the size! Some are huge - for rats or guinea pigs.
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Old 11-27-2018, 01:55 PM   #5
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Default Re: Wooden houses

The wooden house I have is smooth with no nails so the plastikote would work if I buy the same one again. I like the idea of a bigger house but would need to find something that would fit, a shoebox wouldn't fit. I have a corner litter tray already which he uses occasionally.
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