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Default Re: ferret cage used as Syrian hamster cage

I believe pretty small ones may work, any close to the size of a normal hamster cage. However, you can make your own! I know, I know, DIYing a cage is a a lot of work but not if you do it efficiently, plus you can make it what ever size you please! A good resource to use is wood or old furniture. There are so many possibilities!
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Default Re: ferret cage used as Syrian hamster cage

Old furniture can be very risky to use,as it can have a variety of toxic coatings and such Certain wood can also be risky if it's not sourced well(pure real wood,no plywood and such,sealed with beeswax or something else that is completely natural and hamster safe).

However when it comes to something being as easy and quick as possible,bin cages will always win.They may not look as nice,but it's very easy to find bins that are made in safe countries(for example the Iris Christmas tree box is made in the USA and Sterilite are made in the USA as well)and as mentioned before they can be modified easily

I'd definitely agree on the Iris bin though.For substrate if it's Carefresh or Critter Care they'd include hemlock fiber(not safe unfortunately)but if it's Kaytee than that tends to have dyed pieces which can be synthetic dyes(best avoided) I'd definitely recommend Oxbow Pure Comfort or Rabbit Hole Hay's paper substrate though,both are pure virgin paper(no dangerous chemicals or additives,dye free,both made in the USA!)unlike Carefresh and other substrates and while they both can seem a bit expensive at first the benefits and safety do fit well with the cost(plus you can make it last as long as possible by avoiding overcleaning,and with bigger cages and deeper substrate substrate does tend to last longer anyways).

Rabbit Hole Hay's substrate and Oxbow Pure Comfort can both be ordered from Chewy,and both come in either brown or white although Oxbow Pure Comfort does have a mixed option that happens to come in an even larger package!
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