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Old 09-06-2016, 04:34 AM   #11
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Default Re: Natural themed hamster bin cage

I meant something "green growing type of thing" like even a moss or something. Is there nothing like that? What if I found a low light plant and planted it in a little pot? After making sure it was safe for hammies
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Old 09-06-2016, 04:46 AM   #12
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Default Re: Natural themed hamster bin cage

About the only plant I know of that will thrive in just about any conditions & is supposed to be safe is the spider plant, most plants need light & moisture two things you don't really want in your tank, if you try to grow anything then you run the risk of high humidity, condensation & mould in your bin so it's not really worth it.
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Default Re: Natural themed hamster bin cage

Like cypher, I'd be wary of trying anything like that. It does look nice but I'm not sure it's worth it.
I've used things like this before for a natural theme to add a bit of green. The green leaves are loofah and it has wooden berries. It's a UK product but you can probably find something similar where you are.
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Old 09-07-2016, 04:36 AM   #14
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Default Re: Natural themed hamster bin cage

Agree - I went through the living plant scenario and decided it's too risky - soil/peat or whatever is damp and produces mould spores. A lot of natural german cages create the living natural look with "sprigs" of millet stuck in the substrate to look like mini grasses or trees. I don't think there's much green in the dessert anyway

As for natural things, I think the cork logs look really good and some of them have a natural dried moss stuck to the outside (I stuck mine in the freezer to make sure nothing was living in the cork or mossy bits!). They don't just give a natural look/terrain but can also be climbed over and make a good dark tunnel. Using Aspen or hemp substrate (or mixed aspen and paper or mixed aspen and hemp eg) can also add to the natural look and be good for tunneling. Although I think natural paper looks fine as well (like the Oxbow Pure Comfort bedding or Boxo eg, and I think Carefresh make a natural colour too).

This kind of thing

These are the millet sprays

I think the photo below gives a good example of a natural theme with millet sprays. It has stones for texture as well and to separate levels/areas of sand and substrate (stones would need sterilising).

This is a nice natural set up as well, in a Maxi Duna Multy which is basically the same as a 100cm Zoozone 2. There are green bits in that but wouldn't recommend it unless they are loofah or hemp type fake ones as Velma suggested. The cork logs are used well in this one and one leads down to a "subterranean" house - ie a house part buried and if you have a house with a lift off roof you can check inside without having to takethe house out.

Obi's natural set up is complete!

Personally I wouldn't join two bin cages. It would work much better to get a bigger bin cage or a glass tank - hamsters do best with continuous floorspace and when you have two joined areas they can end up ignoring one area or start blocking off the access.

This Sterilite bin is a good size, has a locking lid and isn't too expensive. The height is a bit on the low side at 13.5" tall, but it would be fine for a dwarf hamster, allowing for depth of bedding and an 8" wheel. The vent holes would need to be cut near the top to allow for depth of bedding.

Sterilite 116 Qt. Ultra Storage Box-19908604 - The Home Depot

You can also get sisal vegetables

And natural looking toys that are also fun for hamsters. I have this trio of balls - I like the water hyacinth one best as it's nice and soft with no sharp bits. You can stick sunflower seeds or other treats under the woven bits so the hamster has fun getting them out.

You could scatter the odd piece of dried dandelion leaf or root or other hamster safe herbs on top to give a natural green effect too. Not too much as although dandelion is good for them, too much isn't. Our Syrian goes crazy for a piece of dandelion root to gnaw, so it's good for his teeth and looks like a twig

You need to be careful with dried herb leaves though for sharp bits and stalks that can poke their eyes or pouches.
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Default Re: Natural themed hamster bin cage

Carefresh and Kaytee both make natural colored paper bedding!I like Kaytee personally due to it being less dusty,but if you're just mixing it on top it won't matter either way There are also Carefresh crinkles as a decorative substrate topper,as well as the Eco crinkles!I forget what they're called but they're just brown crinkled paper bedding,mostly useful to top substrate with of course like the Carefresh crinkles but they would look nice in a cage
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Old 09-07-2016, 05:01 AM   #16
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Default Re: Natural themed hamster bin cage

A few more ideas

National Geographic™ Flower Wood Garden Chews Small Animal | Toys & Habitat Accessories | PetSmart

Natural kabob - can hide treats between the parts
National Geographic™ Nibble Kabob Small Animal Toy | Toys & Habitat Accessories | PetSmart

Tree trunk hideout


Willow sticks

All Living Things

It's a balance between something that looks nice and natural and something that is good for the hamster in terms of lots of substrate for tunneling, lots of hidey places so not too much open space above them and challenges like getting treats out of toys and finding hidden treats etc.

Something like a cardboard box house, part buried,with a tube leading to it can made a good hide - especially if you cut the bottom out and keep the lid as a lift off roof.
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