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Old 06-17-2016, 01:37 AM   #11
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Default Re: Advice please - is my wheel big enough

Absolutely! I love the 12" Silent Runner - it is quite expensive in the Uk though due to import charges - you can get it at the Sugarglider shop. Including delivery it costs about 30!

Silent Runner 12"

It has a nice sturdy metal stand, no places to get trapped between the wheel and stand, spins really well and is silent

Being a 12" wheel it stands taller than the others (35cm tall) but it is the same depth as the Karlie wood wheel, so not too bulky (ie 9cm deep).

27cm wodent wheel is 30cm tall
29cm Karlie wood wheel is 32cm tall (I think)
28cm Trixie wheel is either 31 or 32cm tall.

If height is an issue

The details and links for all except the Silent Runner are on this thread (although for some reason all the photos have disappeared!). Also the Karlie 29cm wood wheel seems very hard to find these days, except on Amazon where it is very expensive - in which case you might as well get a Silent Runner Most people seem happy with the 28cm Trixie wheel or the 27cm wodent wheel, but if you want something that is really Silent, then the Silent Runner is the one to get and it spins really well so is easy to run in.

Guide to suitable hamster Wheels

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Happy Hamsters
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Default Re: Advice please - is my wheel big enough

The wheel is good at the moment, as soon as his back starts to arch you will need to upgrade.

If you do not get a larger wheel, this can and will lead to back problems and arthritis.

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