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Unhappy Possibly Diabetic Hamster not Eating

I got my hamsters unexpectedly and have been trying to do more research every since I got them. From what I can visually tell, they are Campbells or a hybrid (not sure of their breeding). Since I got them, one of them has been drinking copious amounts of water and is extremely food motivated, acting over excited every time I feed him. Since these are my first hamsters, I thought it was just his personality but as I've been doing more research, I'm worried that it's diabeties.

I ordered the Keto Diatrix (?) Teat off of Amazon as no one around here sells it and it's currently in the mail. I also ordered fengugreek seeds, so I can be prepared for a positive reading. To make him more comfortable until then, I started feeding oats and broccoli as I read it's good for Diabetic hamsters. However, ever since I feed him the first feeding of that, he hasn't touched his food. He still runs up to the edge of the cage begging for food, but when I put it in his food dish, he just sniffs it and walks away. His dish would usually be empty within a few minutes but now it's been full for over a day. What could cause him to stop eating? Or eating significantly less?

Also, when I went to feed him tonight, I noticed that one of his eyes looked slightly matted, stiff and standing straight up around his eye, like his eye had some discharge leaking. I heard that hair loss is common in diabetic hamsters, could this just be a form of that or could it be an eye poke? I have some Timothy hay in his cage but removed it as I saw his eye.

Sorry for the long post
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Default Re: Possibly Diabetic Hamster not Eating

Increased drinking is often one of the most obvious signs of diabetes but it can also occur for other reasons so it may be worth booking your hamster in with a vet so you know what’s going on. Generally speaking a loss of appetite isn’t a sign of diabetes and and nor is a sticky eye.

There is some very good information on diabetes on Vectis Hamstery’s website. It’s referring to Chinese Hamsters but there’s some useful information that could apply to other species too:
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