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Default Bad experience with a veterinarian -- need advice

My little, about 10 week old Syrian hamster Crowley didn't accept any treats last night and sat hunched over in the corner. I noticed some loose stool as well. I gave him some bene-bac gel and observed him until the earliest exotic vet opened in our area. This is not my usual vet, I went to this clinic the first time in my life.
Shortly after we arrived at the clinic, Crowley started sneezing and shaking as well -- though it looked more like neurological bobbing, than shaking in fear or cold. I left him at the clinic for a check up. When I came back, he was even worse, now barely moves and just sits hunched over in the corner. The vet said it's a cold and that he is in pain -- why he is in pain is unknown and apparently I gave him my bacterial sinus infection, which according to my own doctor however is not contagious, because it's due to allergies. Then I was accused of feeding my hamster "junk food", though I filled out the form clearly with Oxbow pellets, some seeds and meal worms as a treat. Of course, I put meal worms in "pet taxi cage", because I just want Crowley to pick up anything at the moment.
The vet then gave me Metacam (0.5mg/ml) and I shall give him 0.04ml a day. He also gave me an antibiotic Enrofloxacin 22.7mg/ml (compounded) of which I give him also 0.04ml, but twice a day.

OMG, just while I'm writing this, Crowley got the shakes again and rolled over on his back, then had a hard time to get up and eventually walked slowly into another corner. He's now hunched up again. My heart is bleeding.

The vet also said, that it is OK, if a Syrian Hamster doesn't eat for two or three days, however I shall handfeed him water. Does this all sound right to you? Should I let Crowley rest for the night or take him to another vet?
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Default Re: Bad experience with a veterinarian -- need advice

Hi there,

How is Crowley doing after a few days on the medication?

Sorry you had a bad experience at the vet. Hamsters can get respiratory infections for many reasons, so if yours wasn't contagious then he could have gotten it for a number of other reasons(and I have heard many times that humans can't pass colds on to hamsters anyways, though I might be wrong), so don't be hard on yourself. I adopted a hamster who was already sick with a similar infection, and I took her to the vet multiple times but Enrofloxacin ended up working out for her really well. It took a few rounds due to her bad immune system and being sick for so long before I adopted her, but since your hammy is so young he should be fine after you give him the current dosage.

I would guess that his shaking his related to his respiratory issues (or "hamster cold"), although since I haven't seen it myself it is hard to say.

As for a hamster not eating for a few days, maybe this is because he already has a stash hidden away so it appears he isn't eating? Hamsters eat every day as far as I know.

Hope this helps and that your little guy is feeling better!
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