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Default Possible hamster stroke?

So 2 nights ago my hamster didn't come out much during the night. I thought it was a bit weird but didnt really think too much of it. When i got home from school with my friend we decided that just to be safe we should probably check on him. He came out of his bed looking slightly wobbly but i assumed it was just because he had just woken up. I picked him just to give him a little check-over and i noticed that he just kind of sat in my hands and wasnt trying to walk around like he usually does. I placed him on my carpet to see if he would move around and i noticed how wobbly he was. He couldnt seem to walk in a straight line and was tilting his head. He was also falling over a little and his whole body constantly looked as if it was tilting. I decided it would be best to monitor him for a while as i couldnt take him to the vet as my mum wasnt home yet. When i put him in his cage he seemed very restless and was just walking round and round in circles. I also noticed that he had barely touched his food or water. I tried giving him both of them but he wouldnt take them. After about two hours he seemed to improve and was able to walk better. He then went to bed but was constantly getting up. He still hadnt drunk anything so i was starting to get worried but the vets were closed. After about 2 or 3 hours he finally had a drink but it wasnt a very long one. Last night slept beside his cage just incase something happened and again he barely did anything all night. He ended up falling asleep in the middle of his cage in the sawdust. When i picked him up to put him in his bed i noticed he was very hot. My radiator wasnt even on so we found this a bit weird. Today, he seems a bit better. I gave him a little bit of cucumber and pear in the hope he would eat it. He still hasnt touched his dry food. I also have made his cage one storey and taken away his wheel just incase.

Could this have been a stroke?

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Default Re: Possible hamster stroke?

How old is your hamster? Strokes are quite common in older hamsters but some do recover at least enough to have a good quality of life for some time afterwards, it's best to get them checked by the vet as soon as possible as they may do better with some medication, head tilting & odd behaviour like that can also be a sign of an ear infection, being hot could also indicate some kind of infection. I would just get him to the vet rather than trying to guess though.
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