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Old 01-07-2019, 08:08 PM   #1
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Thumbs down My hamster was making weird noises earlier today and now seems dead or hibernating?

Okay so so Rosa usually wakes up at around 8:30 to 9:30 pm. At around 11pm this evening I went to visit her at her cage and noticed she wasn't out yet, so I have her a little call and she popped he nose out to look at me but she didn't actually come out of her house.
I tired to convince her to come out with her favourite treat (white hamster chocolate button). But again she wouldn't come out, I noticed though, she was making strange sounds, almost like a purring noise. She seemed to want go go to sleep. My first thought was that maybe she wasn't well, the only change to her cage was I changed the fluff in her house to kapok seed fibre, under the impression it was better. After a Google I learned its not better and can cause serious problems. With the intention of going out first thing tomorrow morning I planned to buy normal hamster fluff.
It's worth noting though, the kapok fiber has been on her bed for about 3 or 4 nights And Rosa didn't seem to have any problems until tonight, so I kinda thought it couldn't be that logically, she was in her ball fine and dandy yesterday. She eventually came out for a about 30 seconds and was making very strange sounds. My dad thinks that Rosa was maybe getting too fat and thought she was having trouble getting out her house. So we made the decision to let her sleep with the lid off her house so if she wanted to get out she could easily.

Ive just went down to see her and noticed she is still in her bed curled up in a ball but very still, usually she would move a little when I came in. I have her a little poke and she didn't respond so I nudged her much harder and still didn't wake her. My worry is she ilhas either gotten too cold with the lid off and has hibernated, she is really tired and just didn't wake up from my pokes as she did try and go asleep when I was offering her the buttons or she's basically chocked to death on this new fluff, I would have taken the fluff out but with no alternative, she'd have definitely been to cold. It's possible she has somehow gotten ill and it's just a coincidence that her breathing seemed weird.
I've only had a her about 3 months and she tends to be pretty chilled, I've left her for the night as am holding on to that she may just be very tired.

Any suggestions on what I should now? Or what I should do to definitely know in the morning.
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Old 01-08-2019, 05:07 AM   #2
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Default Re: My hamster was making weird noises earlier today and now seems dead or hibernatin

Hamsters don’t hibernate, instead they go into a state called torpor where their body slowly shuts down. There’s a lot of information online on how to bring a hamster out of torpor but unfortunately it’s not always successful. If she’s still alive, take her to the vets asap.

All hamster fluff is very dangerous unfortunately, please remove all the fluffy bedding and replace it with pieces of torn up tissue instead. Kapok fluff contains little seeds to eat so there’s a higher chance of them ingesting it (which causes blockages), getting it caught in their pouches or teeth, or trapped around their paws.
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Default Re: My hamster was making weird noises earlier today and now seems dead or hibernatin

Have you tried gently warming her up? If they go into torpor they can die. Warming them up needs to be gentle - if done too quickly they can have convulsions and die. Wrap a hot water bottle in a blanket so the warm is not too hot and/or try snuggling her against your body (for body heat) wrapped in a blanket - and see if she comes round.

As Alpa says - you need to remove all fluffy bedding - all they need to build a good sized nest is plain white toilet paper torn into strips - they take the strips of paper to their house and build their own nest (sometimes weaving it and making it very thick and cosy). Plain toilet paper is safest.

The danger with the fluffy bedding tends to be more from it being ingested and causing blockages - or getting tied tight round limbs leading to amputation being needed.

Kapok unfortunately, even though natural, is still not soluble in water so still dangerous.

Rather than leave the roof off her house, could you not make the door bigger or make her a new house? A cardboard box would do - eg a tissue box or shoe box with a door cut in.

They do need to keep warm at this time of year, but the main thing is they have their nest to snuggle down in and that the room doesn't get too cold. It can get very cold at night so it needs to be a room that is heated in the evenings and mornings. I sometimes even set a small oil filled radiator on a timer to come on during the night when it's forecast to be frosty.

I do hope she is ok. It does sound like it may be torpor.
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