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Old 11-13-2017, 03:40 PM   #1
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Default Bizarre noises and strange behaviour


I have had my hamster, Sandy, for around 3 weeks now. She is slightly older than most new hamsters, as she had been returned to the pet shop where I found her.

I have had many hamsters in the past, including difficult ones which growl and bite. However, Sandy seems like a particularly troubled case. She is incredibly nervous and very jumpy at sounds, and also very distressed and unhappy in her big cage! Any attempts at stroking/handling her and she will pounce across the cage and bite me (strangely she isn't growly or unfriendly in general, she's actually very curious of my from the other side of the cage).

I have noticed over the past week that occasionally a kind of clucking sound would emerge from the cage..These have been pretty sporadic up until a few days ago, when she suddenly made a screeching noise (im not sure whether she was asleep, but she was in her bed). Today things have taken a turn for the worst and she made a terrible screech (like stepping on a cat) whilst in her bed. She then made more and more distressful noises and came out of her bed. She was quite wild and jumping around so much she fell kept falling off things. The noises continued for about half an hour.

Obviously something is clearly not right with her, although apart from this she seems fine in herself and is eating/eager to go in her ball. I will take her to the vets asap, but am a bit concerned that if her issues are psychological, this could make things worse.

Has anybody experienced anything similar? Could there be another variable? I have read that electric heaters/radiators can cause respiratory problems (but this seems like a strange reaction).

Many thanks!
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Old 11-17-2017, 03:55 AM   #2
Angie B
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Default Re: Bizarre noises and strange behaviour

Aww poor hammy! I didn't want to read and run given no-one else has replied and you posted this a while ago. It does sound like it could be psychological, which is a shame and I have no idea what to suggest but agree that a vet visit does seem like your only option and I hope it goes well.

That she is fine while awake, other than very skittish, is I guess a good sign. Maybe a smaller cage would be a good idea, if that is an option for you? Perhaps she was treated badly by her other owners and simply lots and lots of patience and TLC from you will eventually work for her?

I do hope things work out for you and I'm sorry I couldn't offer anything helpful.
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Default Re: Bizarre noises and strange behaviour

It is a bit hard to say but if she does seem ok in herself other than this then it may just be that she's a bit overwhelmed by the size of the cage (how big is it?) some hams can be a bit more nervous in a larger cage & she may be used to smaller cages if she's been in the pet shop.
It might be worth either trying to put more into her cage so there's very little open space, plenty of hides & deep substrate or see how she gets on in a smaller cage.
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