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Default Will Salmon oil kill my hamster?

I rescued a 2 year old hamster from petco last friday name Daisy. When I got her.. I got a tube with some cotton fluffing in it and she loved it. so when I got her home and put her in her cage she fluffed it all up and made a nest. well she has been sleeping almost the whole time I have had her. I wake her up daily and interact with her but she just wants to be back in to sleep. she was pooping lots of normal poops and eating.. but I have given her a tiny bit of carrots everyday since having her not knowing that was not good to do.. and yesterday I accidently used a knife that had just been used to cut up smoked salmon to cut up her carrot but didn't know until after she ate it.. I think it might have had a little oil on it.. I cleaned her tank last night before I went to bed and she was fine.. she woke up last night and was digging around and chewed and dug threw her tube I got with her. then she slept all day until I woke her up about a half hour ago and I noticed yellow soft looking diarhea and turned her over and noticed yellow on her but and her but is wet looking. I am terrified now after googling that she has wet tail and I have probably stressed her out by trying to interact with her.. and giving her the carrot with oil.. I love her so much already and was just building her a new huge cage that was due to be done tomorrow.. should I take her to the vet tomorrow? when she pooped she was running around just fine and had energy.. when I put her back in her cage she went straight to the water bottle and drank a bunch.. then crawled in her tube next area and is sleeping again. she responds when I uncover her and look at her.. she also drank a bunch of water last night to before and after I cleaned her tank..
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