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Old 01-18-2015, 12:17 AM   #1
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Default Confused about Panda's condition!!!!

Ok so as you all know Panda went to the vet at the beginning of the month because there was blood in his urine and I suspected a uti. I also thought he could possibly have Cushing's due to his rapid fur loss. The vet gave me some baytril just in case it was a uti and they took a blood sample and skin scrape. I spoke with the Dr. The next day and she said because of his kidney enzyme levels that he has Cushing's. I was devastated. After a week of being on baytril there was no more blood in urine. He's been getting baby food (chicken, peach, carrots, squash) and also eating strawberry activia yogurt. He loves all of it and still loves his hamster food. He still has a lot of energy considering he's over 2 and supposedly has Cushing's. He still eats well, grooms himself everyday, pees in his potty, runs through his tubes. I don't feel that his urine outtake is anymore than it use to be. He has lost quite a bit of fur, however I don't feel like he's lost a lot for having Cushing's. He's been missing fur for months and if it was Cushing's I feel like by this point he should be almost completely bald. I know Cushing's is very hard to diagnose and considering everything I question if that's what it is or some other disease? Considering how well he's doing for his age I'm just not sure I believe that's what he has. He did recently get one cut on a bald spot that turned into a larger wound. I received the soducrem on Thursday and it's almost completely healed. Also he doesn't have any dark patches of skin. I was reading a lot of info on hamster diseases and feel that it's a lot of other things it could be. Also if a hamster has a uti could that lead to their kidney levels being abnormal? Please I would appreciate any opinions and insight. Also his mobility is fine and his eyes are clear and bright and there's never been any discharge from his nose. Vet said his teeth looked great and his lungs and heart sounded normal.
Panda's Mommy
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Thin Lizzy
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Default Re: Confused about Panda's condition!!!!

Have you thought about asking for a second opinion?
You're obviously not convinced by the vet's diagnosis. I can see your point.
My oldest Archie is 20 months and he has lost some fur and has a urine infection at the moment and he was peeing blood, he's now on his 3rd day of antibiotics. He's still very active and does all the same things your hammie does.
A urine infection can affect the kidneys.
Speak to your vet, about what you've found out - get that second opinion. Don't be afraid to ask any questions.
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Old 01-18-2015, 02:54 AM   #3
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Default Re: Confused about Panda's condition!!!!

It may require a second blood sample if you want more certainty. Do ask your vet. Don't be afraid to tell him you've done your own research. If second sample is suggested then you can decide based on how stressful that is for him (Panda not the vet). Is there some different course you could be taking if it's something else? Or do you just want certainty? He sounds like he's doing well now that the infection has cleared, if a little baldy! But you know him best Ask everyone. Ring a second vet (offer to pay for a phone consult and get copies of his records over to the 2nd. Make an exam video. Vets have internet too.) I once took a cat to 5 different vets before one could tell me what was wrong with her.
Hang in there and just love the little guy.
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