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Old 03-03-2005, 06:06 PM   #1
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Default Infected scent gland :(

My dwarf hamster, Skrump, seems to have an infected scent gland. I have tried putting warm water on a q-tip and cleaning it off, and I've also tried putting a little bit of neosporin on it, but nothing has helped. The past couple of days it has swollen more, and it looks clogged (there is some stuff kind of oozing out of it)...Should I take him to the vet, or is there something I can do at home to help fix it? I don't mind taking him to the vet, because I don't think they'd do anything major to it other than maybe clean it with a saline solution or give him antibiotics, but I don't trust our vets for anything major. Anyway, can someone help me out? He also has this Frito smell about him, lol. I don't know if it is from the scent gland or what, but he's a stinky little boy.
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Hmm thats strange, I looked on the Hamster Central ailments page but there is nothing there yet that offers suggestions of cause.

I honostly have no clue what would cause it to ooze? I was going to suggest that maybe you call a vet and see what they think it may be, but they will probably just tell you to bring it in as they all normally do and you still want a second opinion.

Im sure someone will respond with somthing helpfull soon
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Please take him to see your vet - no matter how experienced anyone is here we can't see the animal to give you a diagnosis.

From the sounds of it I'd put him on a course of antibiotics for this but like I said without seeing it we can't know what is actually wrong.

Let us know how it goes - if he is put on antibiotics, make sure it is a drug safe for hamsters, and it is a good idea to give some probiotic in the water too and withold green food whilst they are on medication.

Good luck

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Default Infected scent glands

Welcome, so sorry to hear of your little one's problem. It is quite normal for the gland to emit a musky scent as the male signals maturity to the female. You are right to be concerned though as excessive stickiness (wetness beyond the raised area), excessive redness or swelling may be a sign of infection.

Excessive swelling with no secretion may be an indication that the gland is blocked. Any signs of infection should be checked by a vet as antibiotic treatment may be required, especially as the scent gland can also be a site of tumour formation, so if you feel the appearance of the gland has altered at all, it is worth consulting your vet.

It is a good sign if you can squuze the gland and a pus-like substance comes out, and you have certainly not hurt him from using a q-tip to gently clean around the area with a saline solution, this is something I would always try first of all in case it is just a case of him being very "horny" causing him to over produce.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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