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Old 09-11-2015, 02:26 PM   #121
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Default Re: Stages of Cushings Disease with illustrated pics (inc. treatment)

We lost our Lord Hammy to Cushings today. The fur loss started about 7 weeks ago, he was treated for mites originally (long story in the Memorial pages). Ham was fine up until today - still himself - then when he got up today he was cold (we made sure his nest had extra nesting in it), eyes half closed, stumbling and lilting to the side. It's a horrible horrible disease xxx

Oh, and SnickersTheFirst, thank you for sharing yours and little Snickers story. It was a very thoughtful and brave thing to do. Thank you xxx

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Old 11-15-2015, 05:03 AM   #122
Coconut Latte
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Default Re: Stages of Cushings Disease with illustrated pics (inc. treatment)

I also have a russian hybrid who was diagnosed with diabetes & cushings, a tumor on her uterus causing her to bleed from tail area. She has an infection & will have surgery soon. The infection has to be cleared up first before she can have the surgery. She had terrible scratching & fur loss (also treated 4 mange at first).
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Old 07-28-2016, 10:54 AM   #123
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Default Re: Stages of Cushings Disease with illustrated pics (inc. treatment)

Very informative! I swear by sudocream! It's great stuff
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Old 07-28-2016, 01:28 PM   #124
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Default Re: Stages of Cushings Disease with illustrated pics (inc. treatment)

Aww my poor syrian hamster Woodstock is very bald now wondering about cushings even though vet said they didnt think so. Just moved so going to a new vet now.
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Old 07-28-2016, 09:50 PM   #125
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Default Re: Stages of Cushings Disease with illustrated pics (inc. treatment)

Brought tears to my eyes, thank you for a very informative thread.
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Old 01-25-2017, 10:00 AM   #126
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Default Re: Stages of Cushings Disease with illustrated pics (inc. treatment)

Such a wonderfully helpful post from Snickers thank you. Charlie (2 years 7 months Syrian) has apparently got Cushings, according to his vet. I am not so sure. He doesn't have much hair loss, but has had stiff back legs for some time and now a bloated tummy. It is supposed to be very rare in hamsters.

He is still going about his hamstery business, relining his nest and eating, but is slowed up walking by his swollen tummy and stiff back legs.

Our vet would not prescribe Metacam (I was concerned he might be in pain) because it is contra-indicated in Cushings, apparently making it worse. Which is difficult if you don't know definitely if it is Cushings or something else.

I came across an interesting theory on a dog forum that if they do have Cushings they are producing so much steroid that they are basically self-medicating in anti-inflammatories. So in some ways less need to worry about pain relief at least until later stages with signs of suffering. In Charlie's case, if it isn't Cushings I'm a bit worried about not being able to give him pain relief just in case he needs it.

Coco's vet was able to do a blood test to definitely diagnose Cushings and gave medication for it (the one used for dogs in a smaller dose). According to the Wiki on Cushings there isn't a licensed drug for hamsters so it sounds like it is at the vet's discretion and needing a very experienced vet to be able to take blood or prescribe. Charlie's vet said it wasn't possible to do a blood test. And I now don't want to cause him further stress at his age, and frailty, by further vet intervention anyway.

As it is I am supplementing his diet with things to help with joint pain (in case it isn't Cushings) like a drop of evening primrose oil a day and flax seeds (thanks to Cypher for those tips). Also burdock root and dandelion root - both are supposed to help with Cushings, kidney and liver and detox. These are actual roots which they can choose (or not) to chew on and if it isn't Cushings, are fine anyway.
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Old 11-04-2019, 11:26 AM   #127
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Default Re: Stages of Cushings Disease with illustrated pics (inc. treatment)

Due to permissions, I can't see the pictures and I'd like to. I believe my Syrian hamsters (16 months old) has it, but there's not enough information on the internet for that. Can I see the pictures of your hamster?
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Old 11-05-2019, 01:01 AM   #128
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Default Re: Stages of Cushings Disease with illustrated pics (inc. treatment)

Unfortunately due to Photobucket changing it's permissions to share photos hosted on its site a few years ago none of the pics can be seen if they are hosted there. It may be an idea to start your own thread and upload some pics directly to the forum.
This thread is quite old and the original poster doesn't come on any more.
This thread has pics showing though Cushings and Treatment
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