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Old 06-12-2019, 10:52 PM   #1
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Default How do I help my new hammy feel comfortable

Hey guys! I adopted my second hamster ever today! His name is Charlie and he is black and white Syrian. He is far more skidding than my first hamster, and I need some advice on making his life as safe and comfortable as possible.

I have been talking to him softly beside his cage for about half an hour today and he seems to be fine with it.
When ever I make the slightest movement he jumps around nervously and hides. I know he has been through a lot today though and I expect him to be scared.
I have not touched him or messed with him.
He has not been sleeping in his hut but in the corner of the cage behind the wheel. He is running a lot on his wheel. (He is SUPER speedy )
He has not been eating or drinking, but this happened with my first hamster on the first day so I donít think it is a problem. (Let me know if I should be concerned!)
After a week I will start training him with treats in my hand.

1. I am using most of the old stuff from my previous Syrian. I bleached the cage and washed it out and washed the wheel, hut, and water bottle with soap and water. I am still concerned though that Charlie can smell my old hammy and it may stress him out. I canít afford an entirely new setup, but I can get a new cage (large sterlite container) if you guys think I should.

2. His poop is very wet, and I think it is because of stress and different food, but should I be worried?

3. Should I start encouraging him to sleep in the hut or let him sleep in the corner?

Thanks a bunch everyone for reading this
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Old 06-21-2019, 11:08 AM   #2
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Default Re: How do I help my new hammy feel comfortable

I am far from an expert with Hammies but i had a similar thing with the bed when we got ours, also black and white Syrian Try tearing up some toilet paper and put it in front of his house, it may encourage him to drag it into his house for nesting and sleeping. It took a couple of days with our Frankie, but eventually after getting used to his surroundings etc he moved in his bed and was comfortable. Try keeping him on the same food as he was previously on as well for the time being, changing it could stress him out more. You could gradually try changing it as and when he gets used to you more.
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Old 06-22-2019, 09:28 AM   #3
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Default Re: How do I help my new hammy feel comfortable

If his poop is very loose you should absolutely be concerned. They can get dehydrated very quickly and they can die. Make sure he was enough water sources and hydrating veg like cucumber and get him to the vet for antibiotics if this wasn't just one single incident of a loose stool. It could be wet tail which yes can be related to stress and a change in diet.
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