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Thumbs up Hamster Supplies - my opinions


Getting a hamster may be fun, but also overwhelming, you walk into the pet store and theres so much to choose from! But what do you need to get?

Cage: In the U.S there BARE minimum size cage for ANY hamster is 450 sq inches of UNBROKEN floor space, your thinking, "OH! Ill just get a smaller hamster so that i can get a smaller cage!!!" NO! NO! NO! so many people think thats okay, but its not, all hamsters should have AT LEAST 450 sq inches of floor space, usually try to strike for bigger, to find out whether your cage is a good size or not, measure the length and width, then multiply! almost all commercial pet store cages are improper for a hamster to thrive and live a happy life, fish tanks are a great option, go for the 40 gallon breeder or larger, they are quite expensive and heavy, but a really good option if your looking for something that will give lots of room, and where you can clearly see your pet, if your on a budget, you can strike for making a D.I.Y bin cage! they are really cheap and easy to make! You can look at videos on youtube to see how to build one! another option is the ikea detolf! This cage is my favorite, the size is equal to a 90 gallon tank (around 950 sq inches) and is only around 70$ which is pretty expensive, but for the size? That is a great price! Only con is that you need to make your own lid, but you can find videos on youtube that will help you build one, but first, always do your research to know if this cage fits you and your ham

Toys: Your hamster should have a variety of different toys because when your sleeping, your ham is wide awake, your #1 you should have a wheel, for a syrian hamster you really should have a 10-12 inch wheel, i like to go for the biggest one possible, for dwarf hamsters, its best to go for the 6.5-8 inch wheel or even bigger, if you get the incorrect size, your hamsters back get bend and over time, they can develop spine problems, so many sure that depending on it species, it has a correct wheel, next, you should have tons of chew toys, hamster teeth and always growing continuously and they need to wear them down, its best if you have some chew toys all around your hamsters cage to chew on, other toys such a bridges, hideouts, (a URGENT necessity you need to have is tons of hideouts, hamster are prey animals and get scared easily, they need to have a place to nest, and protect themselves) tubes, and other fun toys should be included as well

bedding: Your hamster should have at least 6-8 inches of bedding even if its only on one side of the cage to burrow in, hamsters like to dig in their nesting material to make stashes of food, and make burrows where they can hide in, Pine, cedar, and things called "soft wood shaving" are very dangerous beddings and can give your hamster a respiratory infection, a good alternative to these are aspen shavings and any paper based beddings such as kaytee clean and cozy or carefresh!

diet: Hamsters are omnivores and require a variety of different foods to keep them happy and healthy, the best food mix out on the market for hamster is the "Higgans Sunbust gourmet blend" mixed with "Mazuri Rat and Mouse pellets" And if you want to be extra, flax seeds and meal worms also give lots of nutrients! your hamster also get fresh fruits and veggies at least 2-3 times a week, you should research what fruits and veggies are safe to give to your ham! Get a water bottle for your hammy and you should change the water and food out every 2-3 days to keep everything fresh!

I hope you listen to my advise and give your hammy a happy life! Thank you for reading this and i hope to help you guys out more in the future! Bye!

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Default Re: Hamster Supplies - my opinions

Super helpful, thanks!
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