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Default Hamster info needed on routine and cleaning please

Hello everyone I am after some advice please
I have a dwarf hamster I just adopted , which he is doing great. Couple of questions on how you go about cleaning and how often you clean and what you clean. Also he is in a zoozone 2 , and using paper bedding and a lot of it in his cage.

Some thing that I'm concerned about is the place he poos and pees , in such a large cage and being able to spot clean efficiently. I'm not too sure of his habits yet tho.

He has a sand bath there , iam noticing more of a smell from that lol .

How is the best to keep smells under control I have had him only 2 days.

How do I keep smells under control? Do I keep the paper bedding ? What should I be doing or looking for?

What's your cleaning routine and substrate choice at keeping smells minimal.

If he is using the sand is that normal.?

Again I'm a new owner looking for advice , sorry if I'm sounding a little daft , but wanting to do the best.

Any advice will be put to use .

Also how do I insert a image so I can show you Donald?

Thanks for reading .
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Default Re: Hamster info needed on routine and cleaning please

Hi & welcome to the forum.

Which paper bedding are you using? If you're in the Uk then Fitch is about the best substrate to use, if you're in the US then Kaytee Clean and Cozy is good too.

If you've only had your ham for a couple of days then it may take him a while yet to settle on one place to pee, while they're settling in they do sometimes pee in different places but don't try to clean too much at first or he won't have a chance to settle down properly.
Most Russians will pee in the sand bath, maybe the wheel too, you can sieve clumps out of the sand if he pees in there & if he pees in the wheel just give it a wipe down with a damp paper towel (water only) about once a week.
You don't need to worry about poo so much, he will need to eat some & the rest is dry so you can leave that & just clean out old stuff when you do a general clean up.

Other than spot cleaning pee when you can find it you don't ever need to do a full cage clean.
Just do a part of the cage, not really more than a third of a the cage at a time, if you clean the nest area always put back some of the old nest, if you do the area where the food hoard is then always put some of that back too or if it's getting a bit too old or has some wet food or veg mixed in then just replace it with some fresh mix.
Toys rarely need cleaning but if they do don't do them on the same day you clean any of the cage.
You don't generally need to use any cleaning products, if you do ever need to disinfect anything be sure to use a pet safe unscented disinfectant.
That's about it really, hams really are very clean & rarely smell, your ham will be scent marking his new home to make it his own right now so it may smell a little more at first!

There's a thread here on posting photos.
How To Embed Photos
And one here on resizing photos so they're not too large for the forum if you need that info too.
How to resize photos 2018
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