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Thrifty Hamster
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Default Campbell or Winter Whites?

I know there's differences, but I'm sort of a beginner at this. So, I'd appreciate it if there was no hate against me for asking a dumb question. I had a hybrid, as she (Pudge) as she was from a pet store. She had terrible diabetes and I had no idea ho to treat it aside from removing the corn and other bad things from her diet.

She was a sweetheart, and I would love to get another one. 'u'

I wouldn't mind getting a purebred Campbell's (as I think Pudge was mostly Campbell's than Winter White, but i could be wrong). I know she was a hybrid as there's no way a pet store hamster could be purebred, given the environment she came from. ; /

So, can you help me identify the differences?
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Old 03-13-2018, 07:06 AM   #2
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Default Re: Campbell or Winter Whites?

The main differences between the two species are Campbell's have slightly smaller eyes, bigger ears & a more pointed face while WW have larger eyes, smaller ears & a more rounded head with a "roman nose", other than that the main difference is colours, Campbells come in a wider range of colours.
As for personality type differences I think as with most species that really depends on the individual.
Do you have breeders near you? I thought that WW or Campbell's breeders were quite rare in the US.
Hybrids can look like either species, there is no way to tell just by appearances so unless you know a good breeder who can give you the history of a hams parentage then you can be almost 100% sure any Russian ham will be a hybrid.
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Default Re: Campbell or Winter Whites?

From what I have heard, there are no purebred Campbells or Winter Whites in the USA or Canada any more and everything advertised as either a Winter White or Campbell will have some degree of hybridisation. However there may be some that bear a strong resemblance to either one of the purebred species.

In terms of personality, it used to be that Campbells had a reputation for being more nippy and the Winter Whites, a little bit more laid back but having handled both of the two species at shows, I would say that this is more of a generalisation and I have seen some Campbells at shows that have been absolutely adorable and Winter Whites that weren't what you'd describe as being laid back.
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