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Smile Re: Gaby's Thread

So today's post is going to be a bit different from the usual I guess. In four days, it'll be four months since Gaby and I started this wonderful journey together. So I thought I should share some of my older pictures with Gaby.

Disclaimer 1: The fluffy bedding the following two pictures were there for only about 2 days, mostly due to my oversight into thinking kapok might be harmless.
Disclaimer 2: This post is me pouring my heart out. I do not wish to be at the receiving end of pity or concern. I solely wish that you are able to visualize or even relive the transformational developments I had with Gaby and can help someone else (or yourself) you know who might be in need.

This was the very first picture with my beautiful little girl. I still remember that day when I went to the store looking for a hamster. I was stuck between three dwarves. The first one was a sapphire and the other two were agouti. The first agouti looked at me keenly for a few seconds, and then chattered his teeth for a full 5 minutes. I thought to myself he must be stressed here and needed a new home quick, but I didn't want to risk transporting him in a tram for 45 minutes with temperatures just above 0 degrees Celsius. Then there was the question between the sapphire male and agouti female. The agouti female just looked at me for, without flinching. Then slowly took a few steps towards the open door and continued looking at me. I don't know to describe it, but there was something in the way she looked at me. It was at that moment I realized she had chosen me and that I had chosen her. You know, it's like the Harry Potter books, when the wand chooses the wizard. I was filled with this overwhelming feeling of warmth and joy. I didn't hesitate even for a second to choose her and bring her home with me.

No sooner did I get home, I got to work setting up her cage and moving her into it. She seemed to feel quite comfortable and at home. As I sat there, quietly besides her cage, she started exploring her cage and building her nest. That's when I got these pictures.


You see, I will be honest. Gaby has probably saved me in so many ways. We all have our ups and downs in life. But sometimes there comes a point in your life when you loose all hope in life and see yourself floating in a world of darkness, that one of emptiness. You lose faith in everything. When you're a complete wreck with no more hope. I was even afraid that I might not be able to provide Gaby with all the love and care she deserves.

But my little darling Gaby changed me. From being stuck in bed for days together, she was a reason for me to get up everyday. It was just for her. I get out of bed just to make sure she has fresh water and food. Just to make sure she was comfortable. And there started a road of recovery. She connected with me emotionally. She just seemed to know when I was down and under. She would do her best to make as much noise as she possibly could from within the cage until I got up and picked her. Once I picked her up, she would not let go, sometimes for hours, pulling off silly faces and cute antics, until that point I was feeling better. I know many might say that is not possible or seems unbelievable. But I think if you respect a pet animal, and pour unconditional love and affection towards them, it doesn't matter whether you have a mighty elephant or a tiny little hamster, they will return that love to you, in it's purest and most unconditional form. They will pick you up from the darkest of places and bring you to the light. They will guide you through your darkness, help you fight your demons and make you stronger. This is me thanking Gaby, and all other pet animals out there today for helping, guiding and pouring unconditional, uncompromising love onto us humans.

This is one of my favorite pictures I've managed to get with Gaby. Looking at this makes me smile, every single time. It reminds me of her trust in me. Her love for me. And my love for her.
28336445_10210859249459365_6506516922126614083_o (1).jpg

Gaby, you are a little angel, one with immeasurable love and affection. This is a tribute to everyone out there, fighting their way through the darkness and the demons that try to drag them under. Fight on my fellow humans. Fight on. Mother nature and her wonderful creation will guide you to the light and you will get there one day, just like how Gaby is guiding me towards that distant light, a light that didn't exist until her cute furry paws gripped my hands in the darkness. It won't be easy, it will be hard. But she will not let you down. Fight on. Hang in there! Here's a song for all you warriors out there!
Forever a slave to Her Majesty, Queen Gabriella (Gaby). 😍

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Default Re: Gaby's Thread

This is such a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to your loving Gabi and the amazing and inspiration story that you two have created with one another thus far. It is definitely the perfect way to commemorate such a special occasion in four days time. Happy early 4-months Anniversary of Gabi's Gotcha Day!!!! You both have so much to be thankful for and celebrate, and I will definitely be wishing you both an absolutely splendid day, full of so much fun, memories, and happy times. It will be perfect because the two of you are together and have so much love between you, and I am so happy that the two of you chose one another. I love her gorgeous photos (especially the one where she is on your shoulder and you are gazing at her so lovingly), the song is amazing and really got to me (totally emotionally uplifting), and your message in this post will hopefully change lives. Thank you for being you and for sharing yours and Gabi's adventures with all of us. You are a wonderful person and an amazing ham mum. I hope that the two of you will have many wonderful years together. Hugs to you and cuddles to your very special ham. Btw, Eros sends plenty of whisker kisses to you both, also. xxx

"...she fell into a deep sleep, and dreamed the dreams of the dreamtree." ~Stephen Cosgrove
Loving Mum to Eros007. Fur Angel Snickers - Paw Prints In My Heart.
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