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Old 12-09-2016, 08:02 AM   #1
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Default Wood question

I want to try making wooden toys for my hamsters. I do whittling, but I was wondering whether anyone could recommend a certain style of toy to make (for robos) and also what kind of wood they prefer to chew on. I'm thinking apple wood, which I have a good supply of, might work. And is it best to freeze or bake the wood to make it safe?
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Default Re: Wood question

Apple is great!Some hamsters also like willow,and I've seen things made out of birch as well if you can get that.As far as any wood goes,just make sure there are no chemicals or pesticides on it and sterilize it properly just to be safe.

Wood really depends on the individual hamster.Some hamsters don't even like chewing on wood,and others merely enjoy stripping the bark off the wood which is at the least good for boredom breaking!If you can test various woods first or make prototype toys,that is a great option and can help a lot in terms of making sure they'll use the wood or the specific toy design
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Default Re: Wood question

I've never made any wooden toys myself but something like a seesaw or a swing might be an option or something like a maze.

My hamsters enjoy some of the wooden toys I've bought from the pet shop in the past but with the exception of their nest boxes, which they'll only chew enough to build a second 'door', they don't tend to bother chewing them and prefer to climb or play on them.
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Old 12-09-2016, 01:14 PM   #4
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Default Re: Wood question

Apple wood would be ideal to make chew toys out off for your robos. I found my Syrians like to also chew on willow sticks.
I would make sure that the apple sticks you are planning on using a free from pesticides or any other chemicals as this may make the apple wood unsafe. But you can also buy Willow sticks in bunches from pets at home.
I normal freeze wood in an airtight bag for around 24 to 48 hours. When you take them out of the freezer leave them in the bag for 24 hours before using. I have never baked wood myself.

Can't think of many toys ideas at the moment but DIY bendy bridge/tunnels, or hanging chew toys (DIY kabob or garlands).
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Default Re: Wood question

I like to repurpose old toy parts into toys as well,but you have to be careful with this and use common sense.Of course,you can also buy some less expensive toys and take them apart and reuse parts from various new toys and make completely unique toys instead of just using a simple if not boring toy!This also can be a good way to stretch money,if you get several toys and make more toys than you started with.

If you can get a wood burning tool you could maybe create your own DIY natural wood garlands and put pet names on them,or various phrases for holidays etc.With this idea,the only limit is your imagination and how big the piece of wood you're working with is!
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