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Old 06-20-2014, 11:40 AM   #11
Syrian Hammy
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Default Re: Which do you prefer?

I like Syrians and hybrids for different reasons. I love how my Syrian boy begs for cuddles and playtime. He's easy to handle and slower than the dwarfs. I also adore Syrian ears we have a great bond! My 2 Russian Dwarfs are super cute with their tiny pink noses and petite ears. I like how more toys are made for them and they can't escape their playpen. Also when they bite it doesn't hurt as much. My WW hybrid, Ruby is a gem. The only downside is mine don't get up until late. Definitely both for me.
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Old 06-22-2014, 04:25 AM   #12
Hamster Pup
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Default Re: Which do you prefer?

I have owned a few hamsters so I thought I would share my experience with each.

Chinese X2
The first Chinese hamster was dumped in a box outside of the vets. She would always come up to the bars when she heard you. Was confident and would take food from your hand. You could let her out to run around on your desk/bed without fear of her running away as she would always come back to you.

She didn't like her ball and tolerated handling. She saw it as a means to an end as in if she got handled she got treats.

My second rescue Chinese was attacked by her cage mates (she had scars) so was put up for adoption. She was terrified of me, hated her ball and wasn't interested in treats at all. She was quite content just being in her cage and if taken out would run away and hide. She also liked to bite so she was more of a hamster you just watched.

WW X Campbell Hybrid (x2)
Adopted an injured boy who had one eye (still alive). He likes his ball and being out and about but isn't a fan of being handeled and can just turn and bite if he wants. Is very treat driven and happy to take treats from your hand.

Adopted a boy who again was attacked by his cage mates (still alive). When picked up he just sits there and doesn't wriggle around and seems to like to be stroked. He loves his ball and is so good at navigating around in it. Not treat driven at all he doesn't touch them.

Roborovski (X1)
Adopted but I don't know the backgound. She was terrified of me and you couldn't even go near her cage without her running away. Eventually she was tame enough to approach her cage. She seemed to like her ball but would only go in it on her own terms. I was never able to hold her once in all the time I had her.

Syrian (X2)
My first ever hamster - she was bought from pets at home and for the first 6 months she attacked my hands. She eventually became tame and was the best hamster ever! She would come up to the cage whenever I was near. She would respond to my voice and I could let her run around. She was extremely food driven and would do anything for treats. I had real fun hiding treats around her cage, tying treats to strings or putting them in treat balls or cardboard boxes. She liked her ball and could be handled but was always on the go.

I just adopted a boy who was a store pet in pets at home. He was kept in the staff room in a small cage so is overweight but had lots of human interaction. He seems to like being handled, responds to my voice, takes treats from my hand and runs around in his ball. He is very cute and although I have only had him for a few days I adore him.

Personally from now on I will only have Syrians.
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