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Old 08-05-2018, 07:23 PM   #1
Newborn Pup
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Question Mealworms

Hi! I have a couple of questions about mealworms for hamsters.

I find myself knowledgeable with hamster foods, such as treats and food mixes, and how to give my hamsters good diets and such, but I want to try mealworms.

I have seen a ton of people talk about mealworms, and how they feed their hamster and other small pets/rodents mealworms, but I've never tried to personally try it with my hamsters.

Does anyone know if mealworms are even 100% safe for hamsters, if I should give them on a daily basis, or how much I should feed my hamster, and where's a good place to find good, safe mealworms to feed my ham, Honey.

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Old 08-07-2018, 09:38 AM   #2
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Default Re: Mealworms

Mealworms is an excellent source of animal protein for hamsters. Both dried and live mealworms are good, although if you choose live mealworms, you will have to pinch the head of the worm before you feed them (or else they bite!). I don't think the brand of mealworms really makes a difference since the worms don't have any additives to it. I use the dried mealworms from Trixie that is usually found in the reptiles section.

As for how often to feed them is a highly debated topic. Some say once a week, others as an occasional treat, while others say everyday. I feed my hamster 2 mealworms every day, and I feel it is the right amount for her. To be realistic, if your hamster was in the wild, the odds are they would easily eat worms or insects on a daily basis. I wouldn't start at a daily basis immediately though. I started at every third day, and slowly increased it to everyday.
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Old 08-07-2018, 11:40 PM   #3
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Default Re: Mealworms

Is your ham a Syrian? Some Syrians enjoy mealworms but some don't like them at all but it's worth a try to see.
Mealworms are high in protein & fat so should only be fed in moderation as you don't want to overdo it with either of those.
If your ham does like them then maybe one or two a day would be ok.
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Old 08-08-2018, 06:53 AM   #4
Newborn Pup
Join Date: Aug 2018
Location: Florida
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Default Re: Mealworms

Alright, thanks! Yeah, my ham Honey is a syrian.

I'm going to see if I can try dead dried mealworms and see if Honey tries to eat them.

Thanks y'all!
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Old 08-08-2018, 07:06 AM   #5
The Cuddler of Cuteness
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Default Re: Mealworms

As others have mentioned, there are plenty of places to get mealworms and some Syrians like them while others do not. It took my Syrian Eros a while before she realized that she truly adores them. At first, she wouldn't even taste them; however, once she did actually try it, she was totally in love, lol. I would personally suggest getting mealworms that are already dead and dried. You can get them at most any pet store in either the reptile or the bird section. However, I decided to go to the Tractor Supply Company and get it there as it is much more affordable for in a larger quantity of mealworms. The brand that I have for Eros is called Royal Wings, but any brand should be fine. I give Eros a few (approximately 4-6) mealworms daily, and she is really healthy and thriving. I hope that Honey enjoys them.

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Old 08-08-2018, 08:54 AM   #6
Hamster Pup
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Default Re: Mealworms

I ordered my dried mealworms from and my hybid, Gimli, LOVES them. My son and daughter however, think they are nasty. Especially the ones that still have feet. LOLOL!
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Old 08-08-2018, 01:05 PM   #7
Hamster Addict
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Default Re: Mealworms

I’m on my second set of hams now and neither these two or the two before them much liked mealworms (two robos and two Syrians), they usually got eaten but not with much gusto! I used the dried mealworms from the wild bird section.

They’ve all preferred dog/cat kibble or fresh chicken as their animal based protein. I only give it say 1/2 a week but they’re older adults now.
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Old 08-10-2018, 10:21 AM   #8
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Default Re: Mealworms

I've been told you could also try soaking your dried mealworms in some warm water for 10-15 mins to make them look more appealing to the hamster.
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