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Default Feeding a hamster with bad teeth

Hi, I have a 2 year old Syrian girl called Susy who for the past few months has had weight and teeth issues. I have been to the vet and they have clipped them but they grow very slanted and come back so fast. She never really used chew toys.. I tried several.. She rarely even touches treat chews. I was wondering if there is a paste I can make to feed her as I worry she's not eating enough. Thanks.
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Default Re: Feeding a hamster with bad teeth

You can soak her food to make it easier to eat and also add a little extra in the form of of things like plain chicken, pasta or babyfood however the dry mix needs to be her main diet. Weight loss is normal as hamsters age and at two she is getting to be an elderly hammie. Too much protein can stress her kidneys at this age so it needs balanced.
The teeth are an issue though as they sound to have shifted so they they are no longer meeting and wearing against each other so they will keep overgrowing quickly. It's not so much the chewing chew toys that wears them you see but the rubbing against each other during normal eating. Too much wet will mean too little chewing but if they are already maloccluded then they will need continual trimming
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Default Re: Feeding a hamster with bad teeth

The teeth do grow fast & if they aren't aligned properly now will need trimming frequently, probably every few weeks, chew toys won't help if there's a problem with the way the teeth are growing.
There's a thread here that will help with ideas on what to feed.
Feeding Hamsters with Missing Teeth or Who Are Elderly
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