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Question Alfalfa Cookies for Dwarf Hamster?

My daughter will be getting a Campbell Hamster in a few weeks and we have been loading up on treats, toys and supplies for the hamster. One of the treats we got is F.M. Brown's Alfalfa Cookies in Heart Shape. It was labeled for hamster. After reading some reviews, many said dwarf hamsters don't care for alfalfa. Should I just give the new bag of treats to the breeder when I go pick up the hamster since the Breeder also has Chinchilla and Teddy Bear Hamsters. Any fellow members' dwarf hamsters like alfalfa cookies?
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Default Re: Alfalfa Cookies for Dwarf Hamster?

Most hams aren't crazy about alfalfa but I just checked the ingredients & those have too much sugar for a Campbell.
They can be prone to diabetes, even with a breeder ham there is still a chance they could have or develop diabetes so check all foods for sugars even natural sugars like fructose, beet or molasses before giving them & when giving fresh foods it's best to stick to veg & avoid fruit.

ETA the best treats & most enjoyed are natural but extra special foods, all fed in moderation, things like sunflower, pumpkin & hemp seeds (all in the shell preferably) flax seeds, oats, millet or millet sprays (usually sold for birds), nuts (tiny pieces) like walnut, brazil or pistachio, fresh veg in tiny amounts, mealworms, plain cooked chicken or dried chicken (usually sold as a cat treat) the occasional safe dog biscuit (some have garlic & other unsafe ingredients) whimzees/antos dog chews.
Some human foods are ok in small amounts my hybrid goes nuts for unsweetened bran flakes!
There's a list of safe & unsafe foods here you might want to look at.
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Default Re: Alfalfa Cookies for Dwarf Hamster?

Thank you for the great advice. I will look at the safe food lists
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