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Old 05-07-2016, 08:23 AM   #1
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Default Feeding fresh foods?

Hey guys,

So since getting Custard his diet has basically consisted of Harry Hamster muesli and generic hamster nuggets, with the occasional piece of veg/sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds thrown in. Ive drastically cut down on the "treat" seeds since reading about how fattening they are so he doesn't have those too often anymore. I must admit they were helpful for taming rewards in the beginning though!

Since I figure this may not really be meeting his nutritional needs, I want to try and establish a more interesting, nutrient-filled meal plan for him.
Ive noticed that a lot of you incorporate a variety of fresh foods/porridge/eggs etc in your hammies' daily diets, and was wondering how you go about doing this? Do you have some days where you give all human foods, and alternate this with hamster stuff on the days in between? Or do you just give them a bit of fruit/veg one day with their mix, a piece of chicken the next day, teaspoon of porridge the next etc?

Any feedback on what you feed your own hams as well as advice on what I could do would be much appreciated
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Default Re: Feeding fresh foods?

Although they love porridge they don't actually need it unless they're ill/elderly/having trouble eating so it should be an occasional treat, the bulk of their food still be their mix, remember they don't eat much!
Chicken once or maybe twice a week is good, especially for young hams, for extra protein, scrambled/boiled/poached egg is also healthy in very small amounts, probably not even once a week.
Some of those more fattening seeds are still a healthy treat, the fats are good ones & hams generally don't overeat so a few of those are fine.
Veg is the only thing I give daily, as many different veg as possible within the safe list but just a small piece of one or maybe two a day.
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